The Wrong Way – Poem On Our Wrong Deeds

The Wrong Way – Poem On Our Wrong Deeds

The Wrong Way!


We are living in the world, where…

Fakers are the heroes and heroes are unknown…

It doesn’t matter what they act, its matter what they shown…

Labors are doing all the work, and remain poor…

All the profits gathered by rich, and considered as the doer…

Patriotism is a must, but build on the division and lies…

Humanity is in tatters, if you do not oblige then cruelty applies…

Hypocrisy and fabrication are the new norm…

We made human races and sat on the hatred dorm…

Religion and every belief instigate the love of human…

We focus on the shortcomings of others and satisfying our inner demon…

If someone doing better, we are here to pull the leg…

Trying to do our job with sycophancy and beg…

Honesty is a scarce commodity now…

Deceit and lust here to make you bow…

Disparage and jealousy is our progressing sources…

We are becoming weak in front of evil forces…

Empathy and Compassion must be in our act…

Badness and Wickedness let us not distract…

Division fazes the kindness of humanity…

We should voice against all crimes not territoriality…

We are stepping towards the evil we have to change…

The righteous path for our offspring we should arrange…

It’s our responsibility to make tiny beneficial amendments every day…

Construct the rewarding righteousness for those who chose the wrong way…


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