War Inside Me (Motivational Poem) ~HKS

War Inside Me (Motivational Poem) ~HKS

War Inside  Me 

No, don’t open this silly app it will waste your time

You are also behind the schedule they will not pay you a dime

Just produce the attractive work and make yourself proud

Negate the laziness and procrastination which your work shroud


But hang on, these videos motivate you to do your chores

You can learn from them to perform well and outscores

The time you spend on these apps is not wasting

These are the productive hours for future investing


Rubbish, you don’t have to consume all this knowledge

Just know enough to complete your work for your privilege

You can see those apps for entertainment, but work first

The procedure of doing and planning should be your thirst



Don’t listen to this side, he always mocks you

In the boring method, he constantly tries to sock you

You should do your work but with the entertainment

These motivational and comedy videos stop you from lament



No, the method is not dull you love your profession

He always tries to keep you away from your passion

These videos will again exhaust a lot of your day

In the end, you will be standing on the pile of hay



Don’t ridicule him you are always doing that

He already knows which things are good for him and which is bad

You are trying to overpower him with your stupid arguments

Making him indulge in the boring books and documents



Reading Books is the most beneficial process for writers

It will sharpen your skills to produce the nail biters

Keep in mind he is the bad side of yours always brings nuisance

Make you smug, Filling your mind with the dirt and arrogance



Don’t question my integrity I am always the one who wins

I always suggest him better, prevent him from ruins

Remember I told you not to tell your desire to the world for your better

But he forced you to say and caused the insults for you to tatter



This argument always is like the booster

Me and my bad side waste time happily ever after



War inside me


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