Let Out The Madness – Madness Moivational Poem

Let Out The Madness – Madness Moivational Poem

Let Out The Madness – Life changing Poem – Madness Motivation || Haris Khan Sherwani



Madness is the art, Madness is the Key

We all carry it, so mold it towards positivity

To Increase Your Potential Embrace the Madness

Touch of it is the achiever Not Denote It to the Badness



Make the goals and go for it like crazy

If fall back punish yourself to avoid Lazy

Nah Nah, easy is the symbol of downward

Going the hard yard is the only way forward


World will pushback you from your ambition

And you will get tired for the submission

Madness is here to rescue you for all your endeavors

You are all alone to get all; madness is the only thing that favors


If you refrain yourself from using the madness

You will be thrown into loop of the tediousness

To make the life happening you direly need to embrace insanity

Push yourself, back yourself to achieve the incredibility


World and your inner self repel you to not do this

Made you believe madness is the bad hypothesis

Don’t use your madness for the affliction and destruction

Make the productive madness, channel it for favoring action


Madness is the tool Madness is the tactic

This is the Blessing, don’t take this as Skeptic

To counter the ruin, failure and badness

This is not the world for sane Let out the Madness


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Haris Khan Sherwani


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