Hypocrisy – Our Hypocrite Behaviors

Hypocrisy – Our Hypocrite Behaviors

Hypocrisy – Our Hypocrite Behaviors – Poem about Hypocrisy – Haris Khan Sherwani

‘Respect all’ means Just give respect to me

But giving reverence is only matter of thee

We are here just to collect appreciation and boost ego

But we will highlight all your mistakes and don’t let you go

Hypocrisy is specialty of ours we proudly partake

Expecting the honor and heed from us is just your mistake


Hypocrisy is we are the champions of animal right

We build the city on their territory and buildings with the might

Now cities are no go area for wild animal

If they enter it’s the act of tyrannical

If they die with starvation nobody cares

Our deed consequences only lovely animal to bear


Hypocrisy is we are considered as the bearer of right of human

But we consider Person of other race, cast and nationality as inane

We are the betters and every other can go to hell

If you think like me and not object then you are well

If we are rich, belong to the specific cast and nationality so we are superiors

Hypocrisy is we tag some casts, nationals and impoverished ones as inferiors


We are the sculpture of love but don’t mistaken us as gentle

We will hate all those who are changed and will try them to dismantle

Hypocrisy is we will put fear if you don’t act then they will overtake you

Hater, terrorist, extremist and fanatic we are trying to make you

For us killing the other faction people is act of valor

We will tag other’s faction likeminded individuals as traitor


We are provided the free will but with a consequence….

If you not think as we think then we will forcedly influence….

No you will not allow to make your decision….

We will isolate you if you not act as per our vision….

We are hypocrites and we kind of neglect that fact….

You will find us sweet verbally but terrible with our act.


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