Comedy – Everything Is Comedy

Comedy – Everything Is Comedy




Everything is Comedy

For literates being an illiterate and rigid is comedy

For Illiterate being an literate and too soft comedy

We all don’t see our own faults

For us any others fault is comedy

Comedy is the way of liberals for conservatives

Conservatives believes for liberal is comedy

Comedy is the routine of easterners for westerners

Westerners’ tradition for easterners is comedy

Comedy is for Parents their Children childish way of tackling things

For Children Parents strictness and spare care is comedy

We all seek the comedy on other believes

For others our believes is Comedy

For the common person, being an extra ordinary is comedy

For the Extra Ordinary common person is comedy

Poor finds the comedy in rich person deeds

For the rich being a poor is comedy

We should seek the absurdity in our own deeds

Judging others and laughing is the disgusting behavior not Comedy!


This is the poem on Comedy, how everything is comedy and how we see comedy in every aspect. But there is also a line and we shouldn’t cross this line. There is a difference between to insult others and comedy. You better see the comedy in your own deeds and don’t insult others… the great comedy start within….. You should not insult other to produce comedy…. This is the thoughtful poem comedy for those who use the comedy as the tool to insult others… stop insulting others and brings the productive comedy….


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