I am Like You (Poem about Humanity)

I am Like You (Poem about Humanity)

I am Like You

Sometimes I am sad,

Sometime I am elated,

Sometimes fear surrounds me,

Sometimes I dip in the braveness,

Sometimes I Stumble,

Sometimes I am Certain,

Sometime I remain calm,

Sometimes I rage,

Sometimes I am the sculpture of Positivity,

Sometimes I indulge in laziness,

Sometimes I am the perfect,

Sometimes you found me resilient,

You know, its okay,

I am human,

I am human like you.

We are all same from inside,

But Unfortunately,

Sometimes we got judged by color,

Sometimes we prefer the ethnicity,

Sometime we hate others nationality,

Sometimes we loathe words of any other sect person,

Sometimes we don’t respect other person belief,

Sometime our hatred is too strong which brings calamity,

Sometimes we are slave of our ego,

Sometimes we embrace the destruction,

This is all because,

We forget,

You are like me

I am like you.

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We are all alike

We are all beautiful

Haris Khan Sherwani

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