Beautiful Animal (Poem on Girl)

Beautiful Animal (Poem on Girl)


Free will is the most precious gift of God

But don’t laugh, not enjoy and straighten your Bod

You are not allowed to speak because you are weak

Nah Nah Girl there is no justice for you to seek



Hush, do not open mouth and expose the hypocrisy and prejudice

Men are allowed to have all the fun and believe them they are not bias

Just obey and keep everything in balance

If you do anything better they are damn jealous




Men are superiors and we don’t know who make this stupid rule

But if you disagree then you are in the paradise of fool

You need the permission from them for doing whatever

They will tag you “Nice girl” if you surrender


Compassion kindness and sensitivity are among your trait

Don’t question their deeds otherwise they will obliterate

Keep aside your talent and not highly commit

You are the magnificent showpiece, so be it


Your freedom is their greatest fear

They will try everything to smear

But they forget you are also symbol of braveness

Capable to tackle all those madness


You are the most powerful to encounter the world’s darkness

I believe no one can overcome you because of your smartness

Thanks for all your love and bow for your beauty

Inspiring the world is your befitting duty


Don’t hear them those idiots don’t have any chance

Just fulfill your dreams and don’t forget victory dance

You are smart and brilliant you don’t need Sympathy

You are devoted, you are tender, awesome is your empathy


God put talent on every one and you have unique one I Bet

Find yours; don’t let them tell you to do this or that

Face hard all the problems with your abilities exceptional

Slap Haters with your success who thinks you as Beautiful Animal


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