My God Is Not Like That

My God Is Not Like That



You say God is cruel and uncompassionate

But My God is Not Like That

He presents us free will to do what we crave

He provides us the intellect to determine the good or bad…



Your god telling you to suppress the right

But supportive and creative my Almight

By giving us difference He endorsed diversity 

But you take this as a symbol of enmity…



Your god is racist and indulges in extremism

But my God is an example of sheer optimism

He forbid me even to mistreat

Allows me the only words which are sweet…



Your god is spreading the hatred

My Creator commanding us to get bettered

Create a world where everyone is accepted

Cruel and Mean not ever bested…



You say your god is beneficial and supreme

But he always takes the way of extreme

he imposed the unnecessary rules

Contempt and conflict are his tools…



Are you sure that your almighty gives you guidance?

Instruct you to take the precious lives and be love abidance

Seeps the seeds of bitterness with the excuses lame

Make you indulge in fights and picking all the fame…



My Master provides me the strength against the badness

Created me to remove the impact of false god madness

Teaching me Respect for all and Affection is the key

Telling me not to discriminate either he or she…



You question the authority of my God’s genuinity

He precisely made the world for the prosperity

Bestowed the minds to think big

Construct the world by deep dig…



False god believers work for the destruction

My Lord appreciates the favoring construction

You think my Almighty is separate from science

He is World making Scientist who implanted the signs…



My maker ensures the enough resources

Cater the plenty of tools for courses

He never entertains the idea of inequity

So stop taking His name in your hostility….



The Maker of this world told the consequences

Good deeds lend you good otherwise bad sequences

Everyone is interconnected so establish nicety

Hush away all the demons possessed by animosity…


My Inventor loves to remain unknown

He chose us to walk on the right path which he shown

You say My God is unfair and segregate

But My God Is Not Like That

~ Haris Khan Sherwani





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  1. Very selective wording, my God Awesome.
    Beautiful personal descriptions of our God. Only one with relation knows this God. Thank you for the share.

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