What is Life???

What is Life???

What is life to you???

When you ask people, you will get many exceptional answers. Someone will say life is a struggle. For some, life is a quest… some find life as an exciting prospect… 

The irony is you often find a unique perspective from every person.

“Life is a path to God”

 “Life is a gift, open the mystery gift every day, sometimes it comes with surprises, and sometimes you don’t like the present”.

Some people denoted their life to close relations, like son, daughter, parents, and spouse, etc.

You will find the people, for them, “life is an epic game”.

“Life is a Social Experience.” Some say “life is a routine”.

I found some interesting answers, like; “Life is a chemistry becoming biology”.

“It is a test; you can not get success without passing”.

Amazingly! Every answer is right because everyone is giving the answer according to their experiences.

What is the point of Life for Me???

For me, Life is you… You handle how you take the circumstances. How you see the world… your personality is the important factor to overcome all the difficulties. Your existence is entered into the arena where everything brings consequences. How you cope with those challenges is making you anything…

Life is you

Your physical nature plays an important role. For example, if you are an introvert and you are trapped in a society where people have not acceptance towards introverts. They don’t like introverts. Used to mock introverts or finding them useless. Now it’s up to you what decision you will take. If your personality likes the extrovert, then you should transform yourself. But if you like what you are,, then there are two options for you. Just leave the people who don’t like you or ignore them if you are living among them.

Every option needs a powerful head to act. You will see the consequences of your every decision…

“Life is the collection of the tiny goals.”

When we all were a baby, we knew nothing. But we knew by default if we weep we might communicate with our parents. We were like the empty page with some certain character.

Life is a Collection of Tiny Goals

With the help of our parents or guardian, our first goal would have to speak some words. We were keen and adamant to learn and when first words came to our mouth, now the goal had changed for the betterment, now we had to speak.

We had to walk. Also, we learned. We get prepared for school. Every year we climb the ladder of classes. We passed. Now our goal was for college. Some had different plans. After that, our goal was to get a good job or to create a good business platform or product. We wanted to marry. After marriage kid and making the business huge, get the promotion. Retirement plan and so on… Goal will not end until our last breath.

“Life is a Highway where you have to pass through the desolated places and sometimes you will find the eye pleasantry sceneries”.

Life is a highway. Some of us are on the wrong highway with the desolated places and risky turn of events. Scarcely find the pleasant sceneries and the smooth road.

Some are taking a breath in the breath-taking journey. The journey offers them pleasing sights, their road is smooth as ever and they seldom see any barren places.

Some of us are moderate we find the good places to see and sometimes indulge in the bumpy roads and unpleasant scenarios.

Life is Highway

Few of us are crazy enough to change the course of our journey. They do not oblige in front of the journey. Like the majority, they do not just budge and go wherever the journey wants them to go. They start with the hell-like path and make their path paradise.

Also, there are also some people because of their mistakes and ignorance who make their paradise-like path into hell.

 We meet lots of people on this journey. They spend some time with us and when their direction varies they got separated from us.

 Some parted because of the completion of the journey.

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  1. A very good question and unique post. What is Life? We are still weaving answers and an understanding of this.

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