The World of Riches

The World of Riches

Before starting my writing career, I was a Telecommunications Engineer. I used to work with technicians, riggers, and laborers. So, I noticed one pattern which disturbed me. Labors were covering the hardest work, but less paid than all. Riggers used to do less work than laborers, but still, they are hardworking, their wages are higher than them. Then there are the technicians, if we see the work they are crucial but still less work than riggers and labors, and then me, I am in the most comfortable position. I used to order and was just doing the work of software installation. Apart from labors, we all are among the middle-class range. My manager is rich he used to give orders, His director just used to see the files and country manager nap on his table (I saw him literally.) I didn’t see the owner of my multinational company, maybe bathing in the pool of money. I certainly start to realize this is the world of riches.

Yes, there is the debate that they are doing the physical work, and what about the mind work? The person who uses the mind should get higher benefits. Plus they are not studying and we spend thousands of dollars. Now we have to reap what we sow.

But they forget that circumstances keep them uneducated. We are lucky.

And who makes the rule that physical labor is not much worthy than mind work???

And they cannot run their minds???

At least you have to respect them, not treat them as the animal. This piece is for my two brothers, Rajab and Ibrahim. I will always remember their smile and they are the best human beings I ever met.

I know most of the people argue that Riches worked hard to reach this mark. But they forget that their employees make them rich, and they didn’t get the value of their work, that’s why Riches are Riches.

I realized I am going out of context now. My point is not against the riches. Being rich is not bad. But Confiscated the rights of others is bad. I am sure all the rich people worked hard for affluence. But I am not sure the entire rich race gets this mark with the clean work.

Before the 1800s, the symbol of richness is the land. The lords, Nobles, and Royals possessed a huge amount of land. There were scarce opportunities for trades because you cannot move the goods or even brains easily. Therefore everyone is poor except for the landowners.

After the 1800s, World has seen the humungous advancement towards the trade. This opened the door for the opportunists. And here comes the dirty play of becoming the rich. The race is still on. But in the ancient era, from Africa, many slaves are busy to make the world of riches. In the southeast subcontinent, there were many slaves like servicemen fighting the war for their lords and doing the labor at very low rates.

Thank God! There are no slaves live in this world. But, there are still the minds that are treating the people as slaves. You will see the many miser owners of the company who take advantage of the situation of their employees and give them less money to earn a huge profit. Also, you will witness the many haughty bosses who think that to degrade their employers is the best way to get the perfect work. Some forceful riches even make the law their bitch.

On the other hand, there are many benevolent riches, treat their employees well, not taking the advantage of the system. But they cannot achieve what a cunning and haughty person can achieve. That’s why most of the riches lean towards the bad path because they don’t see high profit in niceness.

The Employer and the employee both are an essential part of the system. But there is the limit of both of them. Both complete each other. That’s why it is essential to develop the relation of respect towards each other.


Why this world becomes a world of riches??? 

As I have told you, a lot of changes after the 1800s, there are many rules introduced like the banning of slavery and there is a proper law of doing the business. But the problem is the Government is funded by the riches. They always mold the law in the favor of riches. Riches hire us and make us realize that they are favoring us. But from behind the curtain, they are taking the loan from our tax money, also receive the subsidies and making the offshores to prevent from the tax. It seems like they give the profit to us. But when you spend your salary, guess what where your salary goes??? In the pocket of riches.

That’s why riches hate the people who take the government support, they think that they are confiscated the right of them. I want to clear that they both are wrong on the extreme level.


The Movie about World of Riches

The scenes of Snow Piercer movie come into my mind. Due to global warming, the population of the world is squeezed into one train. The poor are working hard to give fuel to the train. Whereas, Riches are enjoying their A-Class Compartments. Oh, I got this Déjà vu feeling. Haven’t you??? Riches are busy making the money and the poor are the fuel of them.


The solution to change the World of Riches for the Fair World

My mother used to call me very naïve because I always live in Utopian Perfect World. I don’t like the fact that why people are fighting over a small ego. Why people hate each other with meeker reasons? Why we cannot solve the simple solutions. But later I know that every person has their agenda. Sometimes they conflict and make the rift. It got even bigger when coming to the masses.

But in this Riches case, there is nothing to do with the masses. They influence the masses. In the world of almost 8 billion people, only 3000 billionaires are possessing 70% of money resources in the world. The top 26 billionaires of the world contain almost 50% wealth of the world.

This is the crime!

Almost 5 billion people can live happily with the billionaire’s money. 1.5 billion people in the world have just 1000 dollars in their savings. Almost 1.9 billion people are living an impoverished life.

This is very wrong that 0.000375% People of the world containing 70 percent wealth of the world. But the question is how you can monitor them that they are not doing something wrong to gain this money??? How you can match the power of them because they are influential enough to change any law??? The monopoly of them is very strong and you cannot touch them because apparently, they are invincible.

The reputation of them among the masses is also good. They donate to the needy ones. Their charities spend millions which is just 0.1% of their wealth.

After all this buildup of riches you must think that yes, they are untouchables. But believe me; we people achieved many greater things. Not long ago we thought that we cannot fly. A human cannot communicate face to face with the people living in another country, city, and town. This whole world now becomes a global village. But it’s daunting to see that we all are trapped in the racial, political, religious hatred, we cannot solve our problems together.  Also, we just admire the power of the riches and we do not understand the power of us is making them very rich.

We are the fuel of the riches.

We have to push our government that billionaires must give the wealth tax. The yearly wealth tax should not be less than 5%. This is not a new solution. In this world, three countries are commanding the wealth tax. The three countries are Norway, Spain, and Switzerland. Spain is progressing but Norway and Switzerland are booming their economies. Their GDP is strong and both countries’ people are among the happiest in the world.

There must be an organization in all countries to analyze the workers should get the proper value money of their work. There are many big companies and many small businesses. Of course, a small business cannot afford high wages than big enterprises. But you have to analyze the company worth and they are paying their employees according to it.

I saw many people doing the most valuable work at a cheap price. I saw many laborers who just earning 100 dollars monthly, while the owner of the company singing the reign over me and literally money is reigning over them.

They forgot that this “reigning” is because of their employees.

In this world of riches, you want to become another rich. But you don’t see the pattern which makes them riches. Most of the time, the charm of richness takes your morality.

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