36 Underrated Best Movies in All Different Genres

36 Underrated Best Movies in All Different Genres

Long ago, gestures were the only direction. Someone can make you laugh and sad through the body postures. And then came the words in the form of language… followed the art of verbal storytelling. People gave the shape to the words and introduced the new form ‘writing’ and after that, the literature emerged. The written words have become a derivative of our imagination. Writers were making the script and actors starts to make them real in the form of theatrical plays. Due to technological advancement, the era of movies loomed in the late 1800s. In the early cinema era, there were limitations to convert the imaginations in the movie form. But in the Modern era of cinema due to many technologies, it’s now become easier to make your imaginations real. Here we are talking about the underrated best movies in all different genres, which were well constructed but not get the acclaim they deserve. 


As we see the movies, we can feel every emotion of the characters. We can feel what the particular character feels. We love them we loathe them, but most importantly a good movie creates some impact on us. There are many movies which got cult fame. Some of the cult movies in mind are The God Father, Pulp fiction, The Dark Knight, Titanic, Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the Rings, Forrest Gumps, and many more. These all movies get worldwide acclaim and also gain the millions of cult members. These movies deserve the well-famed recognition, but some movies are not lucky enough to reach this level, some of them have the juice to become a great movie but cannot appear on this list. So here are the Underrated Best Movies in All Different Genres.


Underrated Best Comedy Movies



50 First dates (2004)


If someone asks me which best comedy movie you have seen? This movie’s name will pop up in my mind. I am the biggest fan of 50 first dates. This movie contains a unique plot, great characters, and a very good ending. This is the story of Henry (Adam Sandler) who fell in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore). After the first meeting, they like each other, but in the second meeting, Henry finds Lucy have Anterograde Amnesia, which means Henry has to win Lucy’s heart over and over again. 


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Jojo Rabbit (2019)


I have seen many sad World War 2 movies. But this unique movie with hillarious comic plot on Hitler’s cruel era will drop the very important lesson with the smile on your face. This is the story of 10 years old Jojo Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis), a Nazi Youth Party member, who staunchly followed the propaganda of the Nazi party against the Jews. Later he found out her mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding Jewish Girl in her closet. 


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The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)


I don’t know why this movie is among the underrated movies, the dialogues of this movie are awesomely funny and the partnership of Mila Kunis and Kate Mckinnon is impeccable. This is the action-comedy with the brilliant screenplay. This is the story of two best friends Audrey Stockman (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate Mckinnon), Morgan got dumped by her boyfriend and later find out that he was the spy. Audrey entangled into the international conspiracy when her ex-boyfriend died in front of her and the agencies chasing her for the information.


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Underrated Best Thriller Movies


Black Swan (2010)


Without any doubt, this is one of the best work of Natalie Portman. This movie is famous but not gets the acclaim this movie should get. This is the story of ballet dancer Nina Sayers, her passion for the dance ruled out every aspect of her life. Her obsession to become the perfect dancer makes her perfect for the White Swan because of her innocence. But the Artistic Director needs the dancer who can perform both ‘White Swan’ the symbol of innocence and the Black Swann, the symbol of evil. This is the story of how she transformed her personality to perform the Black Swan.


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Memento (2000)


This Neo-Noir Psychological Thriller Film contains a great story, awesome characters, and good screenplay, but still, this movie is underrated despite the great storyline and very good acting by antagonist and protagonist. This is the story of a Guy, who has Anterograde Amnesia and renewed his memory after every 15 minutes. But the tattoos on his body and photographs hinted him that he must find the killer of his wife. 


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Night Crawler (2014)


Very few know that this Noir Crime Thriller is the Oscar-nominated movie. This is the story of the young stringer who hustles at night to record the violent events in Los Angeles. He sells the footage to a local television news station. But those violent events are lasting the impact on his personality. 


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Underrated Best Action Movies


Undisputed Series (2002-2017)


I am not a very big fan of undisputed 1, but Undisputed 2, 3, and 4 are the best action movies with the best action scenes. My expectation from this movie was less but when I saw Undisputed 2, I eagerly waited for the next sequels. Undisputed 3 and 4 never disappointed me. The theme of the story is… Prison Management is organizing the fighting event; the winner will get freedom. 


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Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


My mind questioned thousands of times why this movie is not in the epic movie list? This is the Sci-Fi Action movie with the great cast Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Late Bill Paxton, and Brendan Gleeson. The storyline makes it engagingly unique movie. Yes, there are many time loop movies, but this movie is brilliant to show the gradual improvement of the protagonist. This is the story of Major William Cage, whose mission is to save the earth from aliens, but he failed over and over again and died several times. The theme of this movie is exceptional. 


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Ong Bak Series (2003-2010)


In terms of fighting scenes, I have not seen any movie better than this. Yes, this is the famous martial arts movie in some regions, but this movie does not get recognition worldwide. Tony Jaa is showing his fighting dexterity in this movie. This movie theme differs on every part but Tien (Tony Jaa) usually has to avenge for something. 


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Unique Best Sci Fi Movies


Jumper (2008)


I am still waiting for the sequel of this awesome movie. If you want to ask me which superpower you like the most? I will say the “teleportation.” I want to stroll the world without the hassle of spending hours of travel. I even pray to God to give me the teleportation like the hero of Jumper. But I don’t want the antagonist in my life like in the movie. God said “No.” obviously.


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Snow Piercer (2014)


 The meaning of this movie is deep, and this is among the underrated best movies. Why this movie does not gain fame like other movies, this is still a mystery to me. Captain America is in the movie and also Tilda Swinton and Olivia Spencer both played a crucial role in this movie. The world freezes and all the squeezed population carrying by train. The only source of life. But the life of the train not different from this life, the rich are getting all the luxury and the poor are becoming the fuel to run the train (Life). 


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Ex Machina (2014)


This is the perfect movie that elaborates on the side effects of artificial intelligence. No, I am kidding, this movie depicts the side effect of love especially when your lover is a robot and thousands of times intelligent than you. This is the unique love story movie of human and robot experimented by the scientist. 


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Best Horror Movies


Train to Busan (2016)


I have watched almost every quality zombie movie and series. The time came when I said “it’s enough” because zombies movies or series don’t excite me anymore. That’s why after some season I left to watch the season Walking Dead. But this is the movie with the perfect end and good storyline… I got the interest back which made me watch the zombie’s movies and series again. Most of the people don’t agree with this, but this movie is a great zombie movie. 


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The Woman in Black (2012)


Daniel Redcliff’s movie “The Woman in Black” contains some scenes which will cause the chill in your spine. The plot line is similar to IT but this movie didn’t get fame as IT. This Supernatural Horror containing the engaging story, horror plot makes this movie worth seeing. 


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After Life (2009)


The story of this movie is very captivating. This movie will bind you to the last. But I am still confused that this movie didn’t get the applause, it should get. This is the story of Anna, who gets bewildered when she sees her body being prepared for the funeral. The caretaker Elliot can see her. This is the struggle of Anna, she didn’t want to leave this precious world. 


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Best Love Stories


Atonement (2007)


Atonement contains the heart-grabbing plot. If you are seeking a good drama movie, and you haven’t watched this movie, then you should… I considered James McAvoy a good actor after this movie. Keira Knightley’s performance is also superb in this movie. This is the story of two lovers, who are set to succeed in their love, but one lie altered their destiny and changed their life miserably. 


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If Only (2004)


 This is also in the underrated best movies I saw on the television. Not the whole movie. After that, I was obsessed to know the name of the movie so I can see the movie which already grabbed me. No one knows about that movie, after years accidentally I know the name of the heroine of this movie, I see her credits and extract the name of the movie, “If Only.” Maybe because of my curiosity, but still, I think this is the top movie of Hollywood with a great plot. Ian lost his lover Samantha in the car crash, after waking up he realized that he has one more shot to right the mess he caused in their love life.  


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Her (2013)


I like the unique plots movies. I never thought that in this movie “Her” is the operating system voice featured Scarlett Johansson. Joaquin Phoenix is the great actor, but this credit of him is not very famous like Gladiators, Quills, and most infamous Recent Joker from which he got deservedly Oscar. In this great movie, Jaoquin is the lonely writer who fell in love with the operating system… The Lonely Writer part was Dejavu for me. 


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Best Fantasy Movies


Yesterday (2019)


As I told you I am the buff of the new unique plot movies. This is a very unique and engaging story carrying movie. The story of the struggling singer, who later found out that in this world the most famous singing band “The Beatles”, does not exist at all. But he remembers all the songs. How he gets fame and indulges in the guilt of theft, you will see in this movie. 


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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2019)


This is the master class movie. The plotline of this movie is very outstanding. The acting of Brad Pitt in this movie is the best compare to his other movie. I fall in love with Cate Blanchett after this movie. This is the story of Benjamin Button, who was born old and aging backward. This movie shows every phase of his life.  

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Shazam (2019)


Shazam is a decent movie I must say. The movie contains the many awesome comedy scenes and the plot of the story is befitting for the fantasy genre. This is the story of Billy Baston, who continuously escapes from the foster homes to find his mother. But he is chosen from the ancient wizard for the highest powers. After the transferring of powers, he just has to say the Shazam to become the Shazam, the man with the power. 


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Best Movies of War


Flowers of War (2011)


We are living in the world of Troy, Brave Heart, Gladiator Pearl Harbor, and 300, which are classical best movies and deserve the acclaim they get. But there is one gem in the war movies which didn’t get the recognition as per the class. Flowers of War is a great movie with the appropriate cinematography and a very engaging plot line. If you haven’t watched this underrated best movies then you should. This is the story of the American Mortician who tried to protect the schoolgirls and the prostitutes from the enemy soldiers in the time of war.


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 Mongol (2007)


In the 11th century, one great emperor had emerged. Yes, most of the historian depicts him as the barbarian. He killed millions of people in the war and takes many innocent lives. He destroyed the many villages and sabotaged the cities of Asia and Europe. But how he emerged as the renowned emperor we are talking about 9 centuries later. This movie is based on the initial life of Temujin (Genghis Khan).


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Centurion (2010)


This action war film is also among the underrated best movies in the historical war movie genre. Michael Fassbender and Olga Kurylenko are in the lead roles. This is one of the finest performances of Olga. She acts outstanding in this movie. This is the true story of the missing of the Nineteenth Legion in ancient Scotland. 

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Best Super Power Movies


I am Number Four (2011)


Like the Jumper, I am waiting for the sequel of this movie. But my wait doesn’t end yet. So I read all the books of this series. I am Number four is well put and brilliantly thought Super Power Movie. This is the story of Number four, who is endangered to getting kill by Mogadorians. 10 Aliens came at the world to survive against the enemy who destroyed their whole planet. 


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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)


One more underrated best movies and one more story of not getting the highest level without any reason. I am unable to understand that why this grabbing movie with a good plot and good cinematography still not among the top superpower movies. This is the story of Jake who finds a magical place, “Miss Peregrine’s School” the school filled with the Children with the superpowers. The antagonists are the Hollowgasts who wants to destroy the school. 


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Push (2009)


Push is also comes among the underrated best movies and you will find many superpowers abilities characters in this movie. The cast is also great, Chris Evans, Djimon Hounsou, Dakota Fannings, and Camilla Belle put up a good performance. The only drawback of this move is the character development. The movie is fast-paced. But the story of this movie is very good. Nick is seeking vengeance from the Government made organization, “Division” which deals with experimental drugs. He and Dakota have to find the girl with the stolen suitcase to sabotage the Division. 


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Best Crime Movies


Source Code


The storyline of this movie is not very unique but every movie which has this story line is great. Colter Stevens is sitting on the train in front of the stranger, who talks to him like she knows him. Colter Stevens not able to understand the scenario and suddenly the bomb explodes on the train. He begins again on the train and the girl sitting in front of him. Later he found out that he was the part of the mission and need to identify the bomber of the train.


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Baby Driver (2017)


This is the story of the young driver, who is entangled among the group of ruthless killers planning to commit a heist. Baby wants to quit but he has to do the job because they threatened him to kill his girlfriend. The heist goes wrong because the arms dealers are the secret agents. Buddy the group leader turned against the baby because her fiancé died. Now Baby is running for his life and the police is also after him. 


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In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

This is the unique crime plot movie with the time-traveling element. In the shadow of the moon is the story to eradicate the thought of the people which cause a disaster in the future. You will see in the initial scenes, some people assassinated strangely in the movie. The similar killing emerges after every 9 years. A Police Officer who wants to be detective tried to solve the case. But later he found out the shocking revelations. 


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Best Underrated Animation Movies


Abominable (2019)


If you are a fan of animated movies, you must have seen the many great animation movies such as “The Lego”, “How to train your Dragon”, The Incredibles” “Toy Story” and many more. Although Abominable is a contemporary movie, it didn’t get the pace, the movie should get. Yi found the Yeti on her rooftop; she and her two friends make the resolute to reunite the cute Yeti with his family. But the One Wealthy Zoologist wants to capture the Yeti for the personal gain. 


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A Monster Calls (2016)


This is not the full animated movie, but still, you will find the animated tree “Monster.” Conor is facing lots of problems. His mother has a terminal illness. He didn’t like his grandmother because of her dominating and arrogant nature. His father is away from home. He is desperately seeking help for the sorted out life. The monster comes to strengthen him for his life journey.  


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Immortal (2004)


This is the dystopian underrated best animated movie. In 2095, New York becomes the habitat of the altered humans ruled by the ancient Egyptians god. This is the story of the Horus, the Egyptian god, who wants his offspring to carry his legacy. The Egyptian gods sentenced him to cease his immortality. He has to find the Human Female who is capable to give the birth of god’s child. Later He discovers Jill. Jill is capable to bring the offspring with the god, but Jill is not happy and she wants to eradicate this disadvantage.


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Best Mind Boggling Movies


Ruby Sparks (2012)


I am a Writer. I also want my characters to come into life. This is the movie which is very close to my heart. Ruby Sparks is the movie you should watch. This is the best-underrated movie which is very mind-boggling. Calvin, the novelist weaves the character of his dream, Ruby Sparks. He got startled his dream girl come into life. He wants to control her by editing the novel again and again.


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The Room (2020)


The Room is a new movie but carrying a very unique plot. A couple moved to a new strange home. Later they found out one room carrying the miraculous ability. They will get everything they wished for. But there is one catch. If they go out of the home everything they wished for will vanish. As soon as the husband finds out, the wife wished for the child in the room. 


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Predestination (2014)


This is the underrated best movies that touched me. I include this movie in mind-boggling movie list because this is among the best complex movies. This is the story of the time traveler cop who time-traveled to stop the attack which caused thousands of people casualties. But on his final assignment, he finds out the astonishing revelations. This movie is very difficult to explain. You must see this movie. 


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  1. Hi. You have an interesting blog.
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    I’ll write you the titles of those films. which I love or which I downloaded for my youngest son.
    These I like: Memento, The curious case of Benjamin Button.
    As for these movies – I liked their descriptions and downloaded them: Edge of Tomirrow, Shazam, Source code.
    In fact, there are so many films in the world right now that the list of films watched by one person is so unique that it looks more like fingerprints.
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