20 New Motivational Quotes for the Inspiration

20 New Motivational Quotes for the Inspiration

In my journey, I go through many high and lows like every person. My mind weaves some inspirational or motivational quotes time to time. Some of them are here…

1)  I am swimming in the sea of procrastination trying not to lose the shores; otherwise, I will be gone ~ Haris Khan Sherwani’s

I don’t want to be


2) Every big brand, every successful person, contains a story that inspires you, lifts you to do the things you dream of, and after the proper direction perseverance, your unique story is ready to inspire others ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Make your journey inspiring


3) Do not afraid from the failures, but always concern about the way of success ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Best motivational quote


4) “Every struggle is unique, but you can get the success from the old traditional path named as perseverance” ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Positive best Motivational Quotes


5) Life is like the standing in the river, sometimes you get the gentle flow, which keeps you easily firm and sometimes the tides are strong enough, you can’t keep up and will bite the dust on the surface. No matter how hard the flood strikes, you have to stand up again for the gentle flow  ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

So you can hang there for a long time


6) Out of many paths, there is only one path which leads you towards success ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

quote about success


7)) Every act brings the consequences. Good ones and Bad ones. You have to analyze the amount of goodness and badness of your deeds ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

For the best analyzation about you


8) I dreamed, I planned, I executed, I failed, failed and failed… and here comes the success ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Success Best Motivational Quotes- keywords are important


9) Be a silent killer of your negative side… ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

deep motivational quote


10) If you want to achieve your goal, be ready to fearful, upset, hopeless, frustrated, alone, and failed… Beat those states, and you will get your reward ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

positive motivational quote


11) Doubt is just the illusion, just snap out of it ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Yes, Hush Away the Illusion


12) When I peak toward the sky; I see Sparrow is flying without any fear of hunting by pigeon, a pigeon is strolling without fear for crow and crow is flying without the hassle of being the prey of Eagles. Despite the differences they accept each other, so why can’t you Humans???? ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Humanity Inspirational Quotes


13) Maybe someday my words will be effective enough to change the bad ones a bit… ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

My Wish


14) Good starting of the story is for grabbing the reader… The Good end of the story is for making the tale eternal… ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Motivational Quote for Authors


15) I believe in myself a lot, I believe I can achieve my goals, if not then there is no loss; I had lived a beautiful journey to achieve it ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Journey Motivational Quote

16) Enough power is inside you to overcome any complication ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Encouraging Motivational Quote

17) Failure is a sign of success… But, most of the people see the failure sign as the Dead-end ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Learn From It


18) Why You Chose This Difficult Way? Because I want to swim in the sea, I know the drowning chance is immense, but what if I manage to float and own this vast arena??? ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Make your goal bigger


19) Everything is achievable, just produce the ability. ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

positive motivational quote


20) Have patience, even when the patience loses the poise and get drained ~ Haris Khan Sherwani

Recent Motivational Quote About Patience


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