Why World is Pacing towards Racism and Extremism???

Why World is Pacing towards Racism and Extremism???

Yes, we all know the proportion of the racists and extremists are far lesser than the nonracial and peaceful people. But really??? Is our world really pacing towards racism and extremism?

What are extremism and racism????

Are we racist????


In many countries, you will see the hatred towards minorities and their way of life. Dominate people of the country usually crossed their limits to mock them or even suppressed their rights.

Similarly, in communities, people create some outdated stereotypes and racial classification according to the skin colors. Surely, White, Black, Brown, all are the same. There will be nice people and bad people But the wrong deeds of some bad people, make the stereotype even more solid.

What is Racism???

Black people generally considered as the thief or impoverished ones. In movies, you will often see that black people often are drug sellers or pickpocketers. Media often highlights the black person’s bad deeds more than other colored persons. The only good side you will see of the black person that they are good athletes.

Even my favorite rare black superhero, Hancock, is the prisoner and mean person… WTF???  Thank God, Black Panther, the contemporary Black Super Hero brings the image of decency.

In reality, blacks are very nice people, they are loving and caring like any other skin tone people. The sense of humor of cute dark people is extraordinary. You will vouch for that if you are a fan of Chris Tucker, Steve Harvey, and Kevin Hart. But wait… media shows that tomorrow one black person robbed the store, let’s forget about CT, SH, and KH and concentrate on one person’s bad deed to criticize or hate them.

You often hear the word “White Supremacy.” Yes, nowadays sometimes media (mind conditioner) is biased towards the white people, but that’s not meant all the white people think like that. In fact, most of the white people stand against racism and extremism. They are kind-hearted people and often stand with you in difficult times.

Other races contemplate that white people are looters of their rights or they are very arrogant to the extent that they think they are the superior race among all. Maybe some people are… but not the entire race.

Similarly, brown people considered as the often stereotypically known as terrorists. Latinos considered as the drug sellers or race of mafia with the tattoos. Again, Some of them are, but not all. Not even 5 percent. But we give punishment to the entire race.

If you have any speck of the hatred towards any race, then you are racist. But the irony is most of the people by act doing racism but they don’t even consider themselves as racist.

If you are a white manager of any company and you have two employers one is white and the second one is black. The black person is the more talented and hardworking but you always favor the white guy then you are racist. If the black coach is biased and teaching the black pupils and ignoring the white and brown then this person is racist.

If you are just backing your community in the name of support and you negate the other entire race then you are racist.

Now see yourself did you mock someone and favor someone because of the color??? If yes, then admit you are racist, you know the disorder, now you can push yourself towards the betterment.

If you are still in the denial, then this disease will be stick with you. It can head humanity towards destruction.

How Racism Spread???

They all made the wrong stereotypes and when they meet with each other they realized we all are the same. There is no difference between us except the skin color.  We fall into awe, amusement, anger, confusion, contempt, disappointment, fear, and sadness for a similar reason.

But wait! Tomorrow one black person snatched my purse, so all the black people are thugs. One White person showed me bad behavior so all the white people are mean. One brown person killed someone, why all the brown people are terrorists???

Some events make the belief and you give the title to the entire specific section.

Yes, those beliefs are the faults of some people, but you made the entire race culpable.

And the seed of racism seeps into your mind. You started to see every person with a particularly bad event showed in media. The seed becomes the plant and sometimes we take extreme measures by confiscating the right of the other race person.  Now the person, who suffered hate from you, sees your color as the enemy. Congratulations you have seeped another seed of racism by your deeds.

I don’t imply that all the people are racists; I know the fact many individuals in the world are walking on the fine line of moderation. They don’t cross the racism line and also never joined any race to criticize others.

What is Extremism???

Extremism is when we take extreme measures in any matter. Unfortunately, most people think that the solution to extremism is extremism.

In this world, in every matter, you will find the three types of beliefs. Left extremist, right extremists and the moderates.

For example, to force the veil on any girl is wrong, but also force the objectification of the women is also wrong. Both are the arguments. One is left, and the second is right.

But you will find two extreme thoughts on that. Some countries are forcing the veil on the women, similarly, some countries have banned the veils. Both are the opposite laws but confiscated the rights to wear the clothes of the female by choice.

The crowd picks up the two extreme ways; one is defending the veils and wants to force the veil on every woman in the world. The second proportion wants to snatch the veil from every female of the world. You can hear the many arguments of them, one takes extreme measures in the name of modesty, and the second group takes the veil as the cruelty.

One thing I want to clarify that in this matter the large portion of the countries is moderate. So this issue not becomes the alarmingly extreme. But many issues are.

Although, the above-mentioned issue considered as the religious matter, but there are many religious matters which are alarmingly raising the head towards the destruction.

In Islam, you will hear the many preachers announcing that Muslims are supreme beings among all. In the Christian community, you will see the same preachers, according to them, Christians are better than others. All the Jews, Hindus, think like that.

If you are thinking that your religion or culture is better than others, then it is very difficult to prevent the hate for any religious sect or culture. There is a huge chance you will by force try to implement your beliefs in other religious persons where you are in the dominating position.

Let’s Find out we are Extremists or not???

But you are a nice person and you are not pampering the extremist behavior.

The core of extremism and even racism starts when you start to loath someone, who is carrying the other faith or believes and skin color which you do not follow.

The second step, by force you start to control them.

By force mean not necessarily on the gunpoint, but if you have any influence and power over any person, such as if you are head of the house or any organization, and the person dependent on you, by any means, you control them.

In this World, you will find many faiths, cultures, and rules. You agreed with some and you disagree with others. You are right when you are disagreeing with them, you are right to express your feelings. For example, if you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or any other believer, it is right to express your thoughts, it is right to make them admire through your actions. You are on the genuine path; if you are preaching your thoughts and people willingly join you.

But imposing your thoughts on them???? Not right.

The God gives us free will for a reason. If you are by force make them believe what you believe, you are seizing the main right of the person provided by the Supreme Being.

If you enforce your thoughts by any means on anyone, then you are extremist and there is a huge chance you are making the enforced person another type of extremist too.


I always think that the solution to racism and extremism is very simple, but our ego, hatred, and adamant perceptions make it more difficult. There is a line between both sides, which is the path of righteousness. The way of affection, empathy, and most importantly humanity.

This way might seem difficult but this is the most generous way which provides you the inner peace. This way will challenge all your bad deeds, like ego, hatred, disrespectfulness, haughtiness, and dishonesty. It will make you a better person. This is worth taking the path.

I know to walk in the middle line is challenging, because people will try to grab you, and drag you to their side. But it will make you strong.

We all are offspring of Adam and Eve, we all are the same. Our feelings are the same. The core of the relationship with every person must be humanity. On the basis of religion and skin color, we don’t have the right to hate anyone. We have to respect all religions and races. We are a human family.  Racism and Extremism dividing our family. Some negative people amidst us are winning on their agenda to separate us. Beat them!


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