Are You Sure that you are not hypnotized?

Are You Sure that you are not hypnotized?

The bald grey-suited man is leaning towards Jim. Dangling pendant from suited man’s hands is motioning back and forth in front of eyes of the Jim. The bald man commands Jim to relax and concentrate on the pendant hanging from his grip. In an instance, Jim is under the influence of the suited man. In the trance, Jim obeys the commands of the bald man. Jim is hypnotized, but are you sure that you are not hypnotized

A common way of Hypnotization

 If you think stage hypnotization is the only way to trap you in the trance, then you are very wrong. Someone continuously feeds you anything in your subconscious mind eventually you believe the given information.

Now every country in the world with the help of media and entertainment tries to capture your mind.

How they hypnotize you

 There is no reality now a day! But only Agendas! The Supreme Powers of your Countries control your mind according to their plans. That’s why in every country people programmed as their schedule. If your neighboring country is enemy, then they will spoon-feed you all the negative traits of the country, so you will be in a continuous hatred with a specific country. They will continuously through the media and entertainment make the own reality to make you the loyal of the country no matter you are on the right side or wrong side.

We all are humans, we got dejected when witnessed something sad, happy when we experience something amusing.  From the core, we all are the same. We got divided into the lines and now every line contains the own agenda, the agenda to control you. Most of the time those agendas collide with other territory’s agenda and causing hate.

The country is the big territory; you will notice the agendas among the communities too, which brings racism, casteism, and many other cruel preferences.

I am not saying that in this world everything is okay, people do terrific things often, but to favor the agenda, blamed the entire community or any section is unfair.

 Keep in mind, all the races, ethnicities, and diversities are the beauty of this world.

Are you really sure you are not Hypnotized?

If you are not hypnotized, then why is in your back of mind every black person is an impoverished one and looter? You are not hypnotized why you hate all the white people and denote them with supremacists and controllers? Why every brown person considered as the terrorist? Why all Latinos are drug seller or member of any mafia?

This is the long-term process to hypnotize you. For example, in movies, you will see many movies in which black people are looters. You got many fraudulent white men. Also, you often witness every brown or particular religious people are a terrorist in movies. You often see many movies in which tattooed Latinos are drug dealers.

Again I am not implying everyone is good but yes most of them are but you lay the blame on everyone.

Every country has scapegoat so they can distract you with real problems. By distracting you they hide how incompetent and lousy they are. If you see their real face then you will realize this all bubble of hatred and indifferences around you is fake.

For America, the scapegoat is Mexico or Iran, or China. 

For China, America, or India.

 For India, China or Pakistan.

Every country has some scapegoats to distract you.

Why you hate the citizens of the whole country?

If you hate the entire community there is a huge chance you are blurring the chance to pinpoint the culprit. And the culprits often are those who are making the agendas.

Note:  If you are not carrying hate towards any community, you are not indulged in excessive patriotism; you always say or think the right thing. Then congratulations you are not hypnotized. But… Every person in this world thinks the same that they are not hypnotized. But when something happens they forget that they are not hypnotized.

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