50 Best Books You Should read once in a Life Time

50 Best Books You Should read once in a Life Time

Our beautiful mind, when absorbs the words starts to create the world. The world in which you decide the place, when the writer told you that place is the desolated area, the mind weaves the area according to the specific imagination. When someone says dreary place my mind goes to the shades, I was afraid to go in my childhood. Every person takes this word differently. Every reader contains a unique imagination. Books have the power to let your mind create an imaginative world. But words in the books help you to do it. Words are our indicators. Once you build your imagination it creates the impacts on you. That’s why books are an essential tool in our life to build nice habits. Here, I am talking about those books you should read once in a lifetime. 


I am the lover of fiction stories; I am always a fan of the idea of delivering the message as a form of the story. The good story leaves an impact on you for a long time. As, I am a fiction writer so I read more fiction than nonfiction. Like me there are many people fan of fiction stories, but there are also people who are the buff for non-fiction. I don’t want to disappoint them so I am here compiling my personal favorite books including fiction and nonfiction books. These are the best books to read in this pandemic situation. 


50 Best Book You Always Desire to Read


This is the honest statement that there are thousands of good literature best books you should read. I cannot cover those books in one post; even I can’t read them all in one life. But I compiled the best books that I have read or listen in my life. Those Books are which will not only devour your urge to read the good books, but also give you the lesson which will alter your life. Every book contains the lesson, but it is up to the personality of how he interpreted it. In the below list those are the books that make me feel great. I was in the awe, I indulged into the deep admiration, and those books obligate me to do some cogitation. These are the best books in my life, I admired those books and I will always suggest these books.


1) Book Thief by Markus Zusack


the book thief cover
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When someone asks me what my favorite book is? This cover always comes in my mind. I think I am a tough guy, but this is the only book that obligated me to weep. The Story of Orphaned girl Liesel Merminger, book thief, world war 2, Hitler Era, kind new parents who adopt her and a Jew in her home basement. 



2) To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee


To kill a mocking bird book cover
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This is one of the books you should read once in your life… period. Atticus told his Children to not kill a Mocking Bird, which is the symbol of innocence. But unfortunately there are many hunters of Mockingbirds in the world.



3) Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling


harry potter cover
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In this tale, a great magical world is created, full of the Wizards and witches and the houses and the hate and the suspense and the fantasy and the crime and the revenge. This is the most powerful fantasy book series in the world.



4) Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini 


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 The reason for this book to a higher place on this list, because I witnessed many Maryam’s in my life. The very compassionate girls, always spreading the love, but in return, they get the hatred. This is the master class story. The story you will not forget in your life. 



5) Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki


rich dad poor dad Cover
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In our life we learn about how to get money, we go to many classes to learn, many arts and techniques, but we never learned about how to manage money, so money can make the money itself? The must read book for everyone. 


6) 1984 by George Orwell


1984 book cover
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 1984 is the dystopian fiction classic. The novel tells you how the establishment controls your mind and make you praise them. This is the book that will open your eyes. This book got banned in many countries. This is the Eye-Opening book how you can get controlled.



7) Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


Wuthering heights cover
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A Wuthering Heights Novel is among the best classical novel. This is the love story with the ego and hate. How they all ruined their life because of loathness and self-pride. 



8) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


The Alchemist Book Cover
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I am also the motivational fiction Writer, this book is the stepping stone for me. This is the story of the boy who set the goal and never wavered, despite the severe blows. One of the greatest motivational book. 



9) Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


Farenheit 451 cover
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This is an amazing dystopian book. Ray Bradbury painted a picture of the future world; where you cannot think freely always indulge on someone’s agenda… Dejavu, isn’t it??  



10) Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien


The Lord of The Rings Book Cover
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This Book is a fantasy book. The long one but the author is skilled enough to bind you for the entire novel. This is the story of a mysterious ring, guardians of the ring and the journey to protect the ring. 



11) Animal Farm by George Orwell


Animal Farm Cover
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Animal Farm is the Novella by George Orwell. The story is: How Rulers make us fool by making the one particular enemy to gain their motives. This is the story of the revolutionary Animal farm where the animal revolt against humans. They succeeded, but good days ahead or not? 



12) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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This is the personality development and self-helping book. Napoleon Hill piled up the 13 rules to master if you want the big achievement in any occupation. This is the must book if you want to become rich. 



13) The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath


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I am a writer and I am struggling to write the Novel, Like the Esther Greenwood. I don’t know my further story but Esther got despondent and attempt many suicides and ended in the mental hospital. In the hospital she made some positive advancement but slumped again. 


14) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


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This the very touching story of Jay Gatsby. The boy who loves Daisy Buchanan, He did everything to get her. I don’t want to give you the end so read the story of Gatsby. 



15) The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger


the catcher in the rye cover
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This is the best young adult fiction published 70 years ago when Young Adult Fiction Genre not even invented. This is the Story of Holden how he becomes the rebellious person because of many wrong things in society.  



16) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


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Dale Carnegie is the legend of the self-help book genre. The title says it all, you should follow the rules in the book to win friends and influence people. The most influential book to become influential. 



17) Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini 


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Khalid Hosseini is the master of creating the tragic world. This is the story of two friends, one is very loyal, sacrificed many things for his friend, but the second one is selfish. Selfish one got the chance to repent the mistakes after a loyal friend’s death. You must read this book. 



18) Moby Dick by Herman Ville


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Moby Dick is a classical novel. This is the story of the Ishmael who wants to become the shark hunter, Ahab the person who wants to kill the Whale because he lost the leg because of her, and the Moby Dick, the whale. This is an epic novel. 



19) The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy


The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Cover
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Arundhati Roy, I love you as my master, you are one of the great writers in this world. This is the story of the people who perceive happiness differently even in a very sad situation. This one of my favorite books you should read once and as soon as possible. 



20) Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy


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 This is very difficult to summarize this story in just some words.  Also, this is a very long fiction story but worth reading for. This is the story of Anna, the wife of Karenin. Anna started to love Vronsky. Karenin as revenge don’t want to divorce her, Vronsky doesn’t want to tell the world Anna is pregnant with his child. 



21) The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster


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This is the genius story. Yes, it is the children fiction Book, but Norton Juster crafted the mastermind tale, which tells you about the life journey. This is one of the best meaningful books. You should read this book once in life.  



22) And There Were None by Agatha Christie 


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Agatha Christie legend compiled the very touching and most interesting story. The legend called her this work as the most difficult work. The legend’s difficult work becomes a great mystery and thriller. The story of 8 past felons invited to the solitary mansion. They found the nursery rhyme which is telling how they will die. 



23) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


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One more classical novel and one more incredible tale. This is the story of the pride which negates the love. The story of prejudice to stop the advancement towards love. The worth reading book in your life. 


24) The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma


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This is a life-changing book for me. I was nocturnal all the life I change my habit because of this book. This is the book about a successful lawyer who is on the verge of death, disappeared, but reappeared Young and fresh with the secrets. One of the life changing book. 



25) Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


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This novel contains an epic story. The tale of Pip is: he nourished many great expectations, but got dejected when those expectations not fulfilled. This is the legendary tale you have been meaning to read. 



26) All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


All the light we cannot see cover
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This is the story of a blind girl who is surviving against all odds. World War 2, Germany captured her city, killed her uncle, she had the precious cursing stone, she was alone, and the German Officer was seeking the stone. One of the best fiction books to read.



27) Room by Emma Donoghue


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Room is the best contemporary fiction book. This is the outstanding story of five-year-old Jack, who never got out of the room in his life. Her mother got abducted and kept in the room for seven years. This tale is unique and you should read this outstanding narrative. 


28) The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank


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World War 2 staged Autobiographical Fiction Novel. This is about Diary of the Jew girl, how she suffered in the Hitler Germany Era. Had she survived or not? You will know after reading this great book.



29) Beloved by Toni Morrison


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This is the story after the American Civil War. Sethe killed her beloved daughter, but somehow she came back for some answers and revenge.  



30) In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


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Truman Capote has introduced the genre “Nonfiction Novel”. This is the true story of Clutter Family, got murdered in Kansas in 1959. One of the Books You Should read once to experience this outstanding genre. 



31) The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle 


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You definitely heard the cliché line: “Stop living in past or future, live in present.” But How? … This book will reveal all the steps on how you can start living now. We recommend this book highly because this is the life changing book. 



32) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


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One more important dystopian fiction, Aldous Huxley depicts the future world, every child not born but created. Every created Child divided into the five casts. Every person gets specific varieties. 



33) Hamlet by William Shakespeare


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This is the most famous play in the entire world. I read this book in English Literature Course in School. By that time I was just keen to get the good marks. I read it again and saw the beauty of this Novel. This is the story of love, betrayal, and revenge. 



34) Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison


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This is quite interesting storytelling by the Invisible Narrator. He was not Invisible because no one can see him, but invisible because everyone ignored him.  



35) Catch 22 by Joseph Heller


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Joseph Heller, the American Air force Veteran wrote this satirical novel. This is the story of Yossarian, an American Airforce Soldier who wants to avoid involvement in the war. 



36) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson 


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This is one of the best books you should read once in a lifetime. This beneficial book contains many awesome messages; we all are chasing wealth and fame. Being popular is trending… but if we don’t get it we start to feel we lived a miserable life. This is not true. 



37) The Time Machine by H.G Wells


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We all know about the Time Machine because of H.G Wells. The most surprising thing is; this novel published in 1895, at this time even the first plane not invented. 



38) The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


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 This is one of the books you should read once you should read in your life to make your life better. This is one of the best self-help books which tells you your thought can change your life. 



39) One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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 This is the grabbing story of the Buendia Family. Gabriel Garcia Marquez crafted the story of seven generations of the Buendia family; all generations are doing similar mistakes over and over again.  



40) Sapiens – A Brief History of Mankind by Yuval Noah Harari


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Do you know about yourself? Do you ever try to find out what it means to be human? How Human evaluate? This is an informative book. Maybe, this book will change your mind. 



41) The Help by Kathryn Stockett


The Help cover
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This is the heart wrenching story. Skeeter wants to become a writer, and she found something meaningful in her life to write. She met the African American Maids; all of them face racism. The problem is some of the racists even didn’t know they are racist. This is one of the best modern book of all time.



42) The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak 


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After this book I become a fan of Elif Shafak. This is the story of Ella Rubinstein, she is wistful because of lack of passion and lack of love. During her job she got the chance to read the manuscript of Rumi and Shams Tabraiz, a renowned poet and the saint. The story changed her life. 



43) The Girl with Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson


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 Swedish Writer Stieg Larsson established the grabbing psychological thriller. Vanger, a Swedish journalist hired the reporter to solve the 40 years old murder of his niece. 



44) Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins


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 This is the most renowned and best utopian and dystopian fiction. The hunger games is the nationally televised event where a boy and a girl from the 12 districts forced to compete for each other for life. The last remaining person will win this game. 



45) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


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Gillian Flynn created the best thriller book by her imagination. This is the story of the happy couple, Nick and Amy, Amy goes missing and the prime suspect is her husband. During the investigations and media agitation, it turns out their marriage is not contented one as they show the world. 



46) 5 Am Club by Robin Sharma


the 5 am club book cover
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This is the best self-help book if you are seeking consistency in your work. This book tells you how you can achieve the maximum output by working on the best uninterrupted hours. 



47) Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe


things fall apart book cover
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This is the widely appreciated book by the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. This is the story of Okonkwo, the leader of the tribe who faces the many challenges, he doesn’t want to become like his father and white missionaries turning his villagers against him. 



48) Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher


thirteen reasons why cover
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 Jay Asher shaped his first story which becomes the Bestselling Book. Clay Janssen found the letters of Hannah Baker who committed suicide. The letters explain why she ended her life. We highly recommend you to read this book for the outstanding story. 



49) The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza


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 In the cover, above the title, you will read the line, “A Gripping Serial Killer thriller” It certainly is. This one of the best thriller books will create curiosity in you. A girl with the perfect life found dead under the thick sheet of the ice. Detective Erika Baker tries to solve this murder mystery but collapsed many times because of unusual events that distract her.   


50) Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter


the girl in the Ice Cover

 I recently finished this book and I decide it must be on my 50 books you should read once list. This is the story of Claire, the wife of the Millionaire Paul, who got murdered in front of her. After his death Claire started to know how sinister his husband was or is. 


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