50 Mind Blowing Random Interesting Facts in World

50 Mind Blowing Random Interesting Facts in World

Our great awesome beloved world always comes with many surprises and interesting facts in world that can blow your mind. Most of them you know, like from the little seeds you can get the gigantic tree. The sky gathers the water from one place and showers it in the other place. Your body fills with 72% water and 6% air. There are many interesting facts in the world which are common and you witnessed in daily life.

But what about some world facts which you never find yet? When you hear those interesting facts in the world your mind will indulge in the disbelief. Here we are talking about some of those amazing facts that you probably never heard of. We pile up 50 Mind-Blowing Interesting facts in the world so you can gain knowledge about this precious world.

What invented the first Cigarette Lighter or Burning Match?

The answer of most people would be “Of course matchstick.” But no. A cigarette lighter is older than the first friction-based match. In fact, there is not much difference between the lighter and the match. A lighter was just comes three before a matchstick. German Chemist Johan Dobereiner first invented the lighter in 1823. Platinum and Hydrogen utilized in the first-ever lighter. After three years in 1826, the first burning match invented by English Chemist John Walker. Now you are thinking how could someone can invent the lighter before the match? Well, this is the coincidence or something but it’s an amazing fact that burning lighter were invented before the burning match.

Nike Slogan “Just Do It” Inspired By Notorious Killer’s Last Words

Nike is the world’s biggest brand in terms of everything. Here is an interesting fact about the world’s greatest fashion company. They inspired by the words “Let’s Do it” which were the last words of notorious killer Gary Gillmore. Garry Gillmore.

 In July 1976 Gary robbed the gas station and killed the Clerk in Utah. The Next day he robbed the Motel and killed the manager. He accidentally shot himself during the robbery, police caught him on the spot. Because of his vicious deeds, he got the death sentence. When he reached the end of death row in January 1977, as a custom, he was asked if he had any last words. Gillmore replied, “Let’s Do it” 

Dan Wiede, the head of the ad agency admitted that he liked the “Do it” part and made up the tagline “Just do It” for Nike. 

Enjoy the Rain Without Getting Wet

Just enter into the down pouring rain room and be amazed, because you will not be touched by any drop of rain. But yes, you are standing in the middle of the rainy area but you can touch your hands for confirmation that they are dry. Also, you will prevent any rain pour. Is this possible? Yes. We are here talking about the fact about most interesting room in the world. You can now walk through rain without getting wet.

Rain Room was first created by the Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass in 2012 at the International art venue London’s Barbican. Their experimental artwork gets recognition and they install the first permanent room in Sharjah UAE.

Visitors can walk on the dripping down rain room, but motion sensors detect the movement of visitors and let the drops avoid them. One more interesting fact to talk about this room is:  This room will dry instantly because of the quick drainage system. The room is designed for using recycled water for continuous rain.

Elephants Have Incredible Memory

There are some characteristics, for every animal such as Dog is Loyal and can read emotions. Cat is playful and intelligent. Horses can run fast and have an acute sense of smell and hearing. Monkeys are the next intelligent being after humans and particularly naughty. But Do you know something about Elephant apart from Elephant is bulkier?

We are here telling you the awesome fact about an elephant that Elephants have a great memory. An elephant never forgets, so you must humble to them.

Researchers studied the African Elephants and find out that older female elephant “Matriarchs” are usually leading the herds. Matriarchs have a very strong memory that they know the friends and foe. Not only that but also they know the route of the places where they found food and water previously. They find food and avoid dangerous places because of their good memory and usually survive 60 to 70 years because of extraordinary remembrance and we thought they survived because of their strength and cuteness.

Snakes Can Sense The Earth Quake Five Days Before 

One more mind-boggling fact that Snakes can sense the earthquake before its occurrence. To be exact when the earthquake is 120km (75 Miles) away snakes can sense it and leave the place. It takes five days for an earthquake to reach the snake’s place but snakes are already gone even in the chilly winter season. 

If you see snakes run away this is probably a good time to leave your place. Just fake it and take the vacations from your boss. 

World Record for Largest Collection of Miniature Books 

I have a large collection of books and when I see towards my Bookshelf I feel proud. (I know you are too) But Sathar Adhoor has an interesting collection. According to the Guinness world record, Sathar Adhoor has the largest collection of miniature books.

For those who don’t know what miniature books are: Official Miniature Books are not longer than three-inch in height, weight, and width. 

Sathar Adhoor has 3,137 miniature tiny little versions of the literature. 

This amazing fact about the books hurt my pride because I have just 300 books. (Sigh)

Put A Pillow on Your Fridge Day

Yes, you heard it right, this interesting fact about the ritual which celebrated on the 29th of May of every year. People put their Pillow in the fridge because they believe this ritual will bring good fortune.

Most of the people in the United States and Europe celebrated this day. 

The old version of this ritual is: In the 1900s, people used to keep the piece of cloth (Blanket, Dress) in the larders. The ritual is changed and comes along with a bit of fun. 

Put a Pillow on your fridge and happily embrace the prosperity. 

Who Let the Blue Jeans Out?

 For the decades’ blue jeans is the staple of ultimate fashion. People from all over the world wear blue jeans and they love this part of the dress. Oh… Not from all countries because Blue Jeans is banned in North Korea. Yes, you read it right Blue Jeans is banned in the country.  The reason for the ban is interesting and funny. BlueJeans is banned by the North Korean Authority because it symbolizes the American Ideology.

North Korea is the fierce enemy of the United States. They don’t accept anything from the Americans, even the songs and movies.  They also banned the free media and journalism. Not only this, but there are also 28 different haircuts banned in North Korea.

I will not be surprised if one of the banned haircuts is Trump’s haircut.

Honey Bees Knows You…

One more interesting fact in world about insect is all the insects’ thinks all the shape of the human is a flower-like. This is the sad fact that some flowers are a deliberate killer of them. Almost all insects are in the delusion but except one flying insect. Honey Bees can recognize a human face. Not only bees can recognize the face and also can distinguish among distinct faces.

If you are budging towards their shelter and they warn you, “Hey Steve, do not come any closer.”   You should not indulge in a surprise and take them seriously straightaway.

The Largest Collection of Diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn

I have watched many treasure hunting movies. Still, I am hunting for the treasures on the internet, and out of most of the junk I have found the real treasure. But the problem is I have to go to NASA for transport. I have to pay a fortune to get the fortune. Because The Largest Collection of the diamonds has existed on Jupiter and Saturn.

Scientist believes that the atmosphere in Jupiter is very intense. Because of extreme temperature and the strain, the carbon of the Jupiter and Saturn turns into Diamonds. The scientist also believes that during the rain in Jupiter and Saturn the liquid form of diamond pours.  Scientists also infer through the study that there is a humungous 10 million tons of diamonds in those planets.

Note: No one can enter into the premises of Jupiter and Saturn because of the intensity of heat and no oxygen.

The Story of Lonely Whale

 “They know the fact that I am the longest living creature in the world. But they don’t know I am also the loneliest creature.  I am swimming in the depth of the sea.  Trying to find a partner so I can talk with him to spend quality time. It’s been a decade I haven’t found any partner. Just wandering here and there in this desolated place.”

This is the wail of whale founded on the pacific coast. Yes, she is the lonely creature of the world. For decades she used to wait for the mating call. The reason for the loneliness of the whale is she calls on 52 hertz which is very higher than the usual whale shriek.

Glowing Humans

 In some movies, you see the glowing eyes and glowing hands. Superman is the most famous character in the world and his suits and eyes glow when he emits power (Heat Vision). But the interesting fact about humans is we all are mild Superman. No, we don’t emit the light from the eyes but we can actually glow with our own light. Yes, we all are glowing humans, especially in the dark. According to Guardian, we glow because of metabolic reactions. Our cells interact with free-floating lipids and proteins that make chemicals called Fluorospores. They called it “Bioluminescence.”

The reason we cannot witness our glowing because the light emitted by the body is very dim. You can detect the glow of humans throw the ultra-sensitive cameras.

Portland Name Decided on Toss

 Two founders of the Portland Oregon, Asa Love Joy, and Francis Pettygrove indulged into the debate to name the city as their native city. Asa Lovejoy wished to give the name Boston to the newly founded city, as he is from Boston. But the second founder Francis Pettygrove disagreed with him. Francis was from Portland Maine. They both agreed upon the city name will be decided on the toss. Of course, Francis Pettygrove won the two out of three tosses and now Portland is Portland Oregon instead of Boston Oregon.

First Out of the World Soft Drink

One more interesting fact related to space. Do you know which soft drink first used in the space? Of course, the most popular soft drink in the world can get this honor. Coke is the first soft drink to be devoured in the outer space of the world. Coca Cola company made the first “Coca Cola Space Can” for astronauts and they consume it on the space in July 1985. Coca Cola also established the first “Space Dispenser’ on the space which is the first-ever soft drink spencer used in space.

World Population Got Double in Just 38 years

 As we all know the population of the world is increasing expeditiously. You will be amazed to know the fact according to the Worldometers, the world reached 1 billion citizenry mark in 1804. After 123 years, in 1927 the world was carrying the 2 billion people. After just 33 years later the world gains another 1 billion in population.

This shows the population of the world is increasing at a very fast pace. Despite the 2 major world wars and many modern wars in the 20th century the population of the world not slowed down. In 1972 the population of the world was whopping 3.9 billion. In just 38 years more than 3.9 billion people become the inhabitant of the world.

Now in 2020, the world population is 7.8 billion and it will cross the 8 billion population count in this year.  There are many reasons for overpopulation, such as low mortality rate, lack of family planning, and many more. According to the United Nations, the world population will reach more than 10 billion people in 2050.

Uluru: A Rock Change Many Colors

We have seen changing color trees because of photosynthesis, changing color animals such as chameleon, but have you ever seen changing color rock? If not! Then you must go to the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, in the Northern Territory of Australia. People recommend this place as the heart of Red Australia. Uluru formerly known as the Ayers Rock is the tourist attraction landmark. Especially in the sunset and sunrise travelers witness the breathtaking display.

When the sun rises on the soil of Australia, it turns the rock from gray to faded purple. If the sun reaches its peak, the rock shines as red. On the sunsets, the rock glow as a golden color. When the sun is about to set, Uluru becomes the blend of pink and purple. At the night the rock remains gray. The reason for the changing of colors of this awesome Uluru Rock is because of minerals in the rock.

Mirror Worlds: Earth and Mars

One more universal amazing fact is: Earth and Mars seem like the mirror worlds. Earth is the third planet in the solar system and Mars is the fourth. When scientists observed both from the outside, Earth is the pale blue dot, and Mars is the red one. The big dissimilarity between the Earth and Mars which can cause mirror effect, the Earth sky is blue and the sunset is reddish wherein the Mars the sky is red and the sunset is blue. 

Monkey As A Waiter

Monkey is a naughty and very brilliant creature. There instant comic timing is awesome. I used to watch the monkey plays and always get amazed to see the intelligence of this cute animal. But here I am telling you the interesting fact, in which against their nature they served as a waiter in the hotel. Most of the hotel adopts unique techniques to lure customers. In Japan, once there was a traditional style hotel that offered ordinary food but to lure the customers they assigned the monkey as a waiter. 

Back in 2011, When customers entered in the Kayabukiya Tavern Hotel in the Utsunomiya city of Japan, they witnessed the Fuku Chan, the 6 years old female monkey waitress to serve. She was very kind. Very fast to serve customer’s desired food. She used to entertain the customers with some of her circus moves too. Fuku Chan got fame when one TV Channel broadcasted the documentary at the Hotel. People across the world visited the hotel to experience this unique service. Unfortunately after the Tsunami, the Owner of the hotel abandoned the place but Fuku Chan is still with him. 


87 Days Apart Twins

I always want twin babies. But the problem is I am a virgin. Yes, this is a huge problem I have to take care of. Well, there is no guarantee I will get twins because lucky people get twins. Here I am telling you the amazing fact about the lucky woman Maria who got twins. The two cute angels Katie and Amy Jones are the Guinness World Record Holder. The reason is the longest gap of birth between the twins.

In 2012, Maria, mother of Katie, and Amy went into the labor four months early and give birth to Amy, but Katie stays in her Womb for 87 days more. After almost three months Katie comes into the world to join her little sister who is three months older. Both sisters are safe and sound and now they are 8 years old.

Gender Changing Fish

This is the plain fact that females of any species are giving birth to establish the family line. But what if we tell you one more amazing fact that there are some fishes that can change their gender. The procedure of changing gender is called ‘Protogyny’. The fishes like Clownfish, Moray Eels, Wrasses, and other species can change their gender and reproduction function as well. That means they can change the function of the female reproduction system to the male reproduction system. Clownfish and other fishes can be a father and mother of little baby fishes.

Million Seconds are 12 days and Billion Seconds are 32 years

Time is ticking! Most people think that money is very important than time. Well, Money can buy most of the things, but you cannot purchase the time. We desired for million dollars without giving an effort. But we forget we have precious time if we utilize it wisely we can make in Billions.

Here is the interesting fact to talk about is if we spend millions of seconds that means we have spent almost 12 days of our life. Billion seconds will take approximately 32 years. 31.7 years to be exact. According to New York Times the trillion second means 31,709.8 years.

The World’s Oldest Hotel

There are many interesting facts about businesses. Here we are talking about the oldest hotel in the world. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Hotel in Yamanashi, Japan is 1315 years old. Yes, this hotel has survived thirteen centuries. This hotel has seen the various customers with the changing cultures impose by time. This hotel survives many dangers due to war. Still, this Hotel is intact while millions of hotels got destroyed. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan hot spring hotel placed at the foot of Akaishi Mountain offering the beautiful scenery. 

Nishiyama Hotel was built in 705 AD by Fujiwara Mahito. 52 generations never let this hotel die and keep the Hotel alive for the 1300 years. In 2011, this hotel gets the Guinness World Record for being the oldest hotel in the world. 

Egg and Milk Laying Mammal

 This world is full of wonder there is no doubt about that.  You will see many mind-boggling facts that can blow your mind off. Here we are talking about the Monotremes (The mammals which can lay eggs and milk) I used to watch the National Geographic when I am not aware of the porn. In those innocent days, I go watch all about the animals. I have knowledge of almost every animal. The little child in me always wakes again, when I see any interesting fact about the animal in world.

Platypus is a cute creature. Platypuses are the monotremes, which means they give birth by eggs and feed the babies’ milk from the body. Yes, they do not have teats; they concentrate the milk from the tummy and feed their young by sweating it.

Platypuses are the unique creatures I must say because they have many strange characteristics. Platypus hormones and proteins can save people’s lives. Platypus Milk has many antibiotic powers that can cure many diseases and drug habits. Scientists researched the Platypus DNA and they got amazed to know that it shares the genes with reptiles, mammals, and birds.

Fly the Jet with Bugatti Chiron Engine

The Jet engine is regarding as the most powerful engine, but this is not true. The French race car manufacturer, Bugatti, has made the most powerful car in the world. Bugatti Chiron car contains a staggering 1,479 horsepower engine, whereas, for the jet, you need an almost 800 horsepower engine.

The Weight of the jet is usually almost above 10,000 lbs. The Bugatti Chiron weight is half than any jet but still, many researchers believe that the engine of this sports car will efficiently carry the Jet easily.

Letter B has not come until You reach Billion in Counting

B is the second letter of the alphabet. This is the letter comes frequently in the passage. Even if you search the B in this blog, you will get hundreds of results. (If you want to save your time, believe me, I have done it!) But the most interesting fact about this letter is, if you write the numbers you will not find the letter b until the billion. Just pick any number in ones, tenths, hundreds, and millions you will not find any number which contains B word on it. For the B letter, you have to reach in Billion. 

The World Smallest Bird

Birds are a very cute creature. Especially the little ones. Have you ever think about the world’s little bird in the world? One thing is sure the bird is very adorable. Yes, we are talking about the Bee Humming Bird founded in Cuba. Bee Humming Bird is just 2.24 inches in total length. Most of the parts covered by tail and bill. The weight of the bird is just 1.6 grams.  

 This little charming wonder is usually found in the Cuban Forest. This miniature bird often mistook as the bee. But when you dig deep from binoculars you know that this bee size creature has the structure of the bird. While flying the bee hummingbird beat eighty times per second and for the courtship flight due to the motivation they beat up to 200 times. 

Crystal Tears

The 22 years old Armenian Satenik Kazaryan feels the agonizing pain when the tears come in her eyes. This fact is mind-blowing. Because the tears are not usual. The tears in her eyes shaped like a tiny pointy crystal, not the ones like us. She first saw the doctor when crystal tears start. A doctor gave her the drop which helps her initially, but her condition starts to get worse.

Doctors are shocked to see her condition. They were unable to diagnose or treat her due to unique complications. They suspected that Satenik deliberately putting the crystal in her eyes which are made up of glass. But they still do not come up with the explanation of how she could manage to do that? And when tears come through her eyes why her eyes still safe. Ophthalmologists say that Satenik condition is functionally and biologically impossible. The girl and her family claim that her condition is natural.

Yawning! A Biological Air Conditioning

When I get tired, dizzied, or bored, I yawn. Almost every person and animal yawns. I know about the function of a cough or sneeze. Like it helps us to hush away the bad viruses and bacteria. But I don’t know the function of a yawn. During EMT classes I used to yawn a lot. Yes, yawns happen when our brain feels tired or sleepy. If someone talks about the yawn, yawn can occur. During this writing, I yawned three times. Four times now. 

The yawning cools the brain, according to the research by Andrew C Gallup, Ph.D., research associate at Princeton University. Andrew told WebMD that while the yawning the jaw stretches, which can increase the blood flow of the neck, head, and face. When we yawn we take the deep intake of the breath. The deep breath causing the exertion of spinal fluids and blood from the brain. The air we breathed cools the fluids of the brain. Yawning is working like the radiator, exerts the red blood and fluid cool them so your brain surface can get some chill. I yawned seven times now. My brain got lots of chills. Now I know, why I am a cool-headed person.

15 Centimeter Skeleton 

I must tell you that Skeletons are scary. Especially when you believed someone invisible being in your room. I am writing this piece at 2 am and searching for an ancient skeleton to write the amazing fact for the skeletons. Man, this is a scary job. But Anyway, I was sifting for the ancient Skeleton and I found out the oldest skeleton Lucy, which is 3.2 million years old. I decided to write about Lucy Skeleton but changed my mind. Because I have seen the only 6 inches or 15 cm skeleton. This changed my perception and I now know that the Skeleton can be cute.

Atacama Skeleton is just 15 cm long with all the body bones. The Skeleton is found in the Chilean Atacama desert in 2003. This is the Skeleton of a premature human fetus. The Atacama Skeleton is the shortest founded skeleton. In 2018, DNA of this skeleton held and this skeleton is identified as the unusual mutation and dwarfism. This Skeleton is found by Spanish, Oscar Munoz. Later he sold this Skeleton to Spanish businessman, Ramon Navia Osorio.

The Most Boring Day in History

Every day notable events held in the world. Every day somebody creates interesting facts in world. Frequently this lively world comes with many surprises. But here is the amazing fact that there is one day which is considered as the most boring day in history. In the 19th century out of 300 million facts, just two happened on this boring day. Due to no interesting happening, this day become the most boring day of history. 

The Day was April 11, 1954, and the two facts are: The Turkish Scientist and Academic, Abdullah Atalar born on this day, the second one is Jack Shufflebotham, the English center half soccer player, who played for Notts County, Birmingham, and Oldham Athletic clubs, died on this boring day of the history. 

The Longest Music Piece

I hear a song a lot but I get bore with the song after listening to it maybe after 20 times. But mind-blowing fact for me, one band has been performing the one song since 2001. In the Halberstadt city of Germany, The band is striving to deliver the longest piece of the music ever. But Wait, Wait. This concert will remain until 639 years. That means the song will end in the year 2640. Yeah, My Grandest Grand Grand Children will see the end of this music piece, if someone agrees to marry me. 


Microwave is a Sweet Blunder

Microwave is a blessing. Especially for me who once burn the kitchen cabinet. I was making the kebab for me. Filled the pan with oil, and turn on the stove. I came back to my computer table for work and forgot completely. When I sensed burning smell I rushed towards the kitchen, but it’s too late. The oil caught the burning and flames are reaching to the cabinet. I got the control on fire but the beautiful creamy wooden cabinet got black. After that, I am not allowed to go to the kitchen. But now I don’t have to… because of the microwave. Thank you, Percy Spenser, for inventing this great machine.

But wait… what? Percy Spenser, the inventor of a microwave wasn’t trying to invent a microwave.  Actually, he was trying to test a radar magnetron. He started to improve the level of magnetron tubes. Suddenly he realized the peanut cluster bar in his pocket started to melt. After that, he realized he invented the lot more cool thing, no sorry hot thing than he wanted to invent.

Thank God!

Mr. Bean! A Plane Savior in Reality

Mr. Bean AKA Rowan Atkinson is probably the most known comic character in the world. Mr. Bean is the dumb hero of the sitcom. I used to watch this show in which Mr. bean hilariously tried to handle the situations, fails various time and in the end, he always does right despite the foolish deeds.

Well, Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson in the real-life has done a heroic deed by saving the plane from an accident.  According to the Telegraph, Mr. Bean becomes a pilot immediately because the Pilot of the plane fainted in the skies of Kenya. Rowan Atkinson had chartered the plane in which he and his family was traveling to Kenya. The Pilot got faint and Mr. Atkinson, who does not know about flying the plane, took the control of the plane until the pilot came into the senses. After that Pilot took back the control and landed the plane safely.

Animals in jail

Well, there are many occasion in which felon animals goes to jail. The reasons were espionage or aggressiveness or property harm by animals. Some examples are, India arrested pigeon of Pakistan because of espionage suspicion. The Dog who killed the cat of governor in 1924, got arrested. A donkey who aggressively charge towards the people and got arrested in Mexico. 

But here we are telling you about the amazing fact about animal imprisonment. Surprisingly the animal is a harmless parrot. The parrot didn’t indulge in the activity of espionage, aggressiveness, and property harm. The felon parrot was foul-mouthed and throwing the insults to the stepmother of the owner. Stepmother lounged the complaint to the police; According to her, the parrot was trained to verbally abuse her when she enters the home. After this complaint Police detained the parrot briefly.  

The Weight of the Cloud

I pick this interesting fact of world because there is a story of my life with it.  Once I saw the falling cloud. Not falling exactly but close to the earth, near the farm of my uncle. My little 5 years old mind made the perception that after the leisure flying, clouds got tired, and fall to the ground. Later I found out the water cycle system and all the processes. But still, I was in the conception that the cloud is weightless. But this interesting fact revives the memory of my childhood. Tells me I am completely wrong.

The Average Cloud weight is 1.1 million pounds. Thank God! The clouds do not fall.

Yes, clouds seem like a fuzzy hollow veil but actually they are very heavy. According to the USGS, the average cloud weighs 551 tons or 1.1 million pounds. The cloud floats because the pressure of the air is enough to keep sky floating.

Earth is the sole planet to not name after a god. 

Mercury is the Roman religion god, the god of financial gain.

Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. 

Mars was the god of power and Jupiter was the god of sky and thunder.

Saturn is the god of wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal, and liberation. 

Neptune was the god of freshwater and sea. 

There is only Greek Mythology god named after the planet. The name was Uranus and he was the symbol of the sky and heaven. 

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the Roman and Greek Mythology Gods and named as the planet. But the interesting fact about our world planet earth is it is not named after God. Although who named our planet is still a mystery. Earth means ground. The official scientific name of the earth is “Terra.” 

The Year Around Ice Hotel

 There are many Ice hotels in the world. The first ice hotel had built in 1989. After that ice Hotels made or renewed every year in the chilly areas. As you all know Ice melts in the summers. So Ice Hotels needs the renovation every year. 

The amazing fact is, there is a year-round ice hotel in the world. The permanent ice hotel named Icehotel365. The Hotel situated in the Swedish village, Jukkasjärvi. The Ice hotel remains in the summer due to the solar panels which give the coolness to the entire hotel. 

The Whole World in Apple Without The Vacant Space of Atom

You all have heard the real story of Adam. Adam had eaten the forbidden apple and as a punishment, he assigned to the world. After that, his son came and the grandson and the grandest sons. Zillionth of ancestors later we came. If our first forefather didn’t do this mistake we will be in heaven, bathing in the milk pool. Why do you do this to us Adam Papa? 

One mind-boggling fact according to the BBC is: If we somehow remove all the vacant spaces from atoms then all of us 7.8 billion people and billions of animals, trees, and mountain, everything, can be inhabited in the apple. Now we realize the chronology of forbidden apple. 

First Man To Give Birth

Our respectable ladies are precious beings. Because they are mothers. The noblest relation among all. But wait… what? One Noble Man also included in the list. Thomas Beatie is the Trans Man, In 2002 he goes through the gender reassignment surgery. In 2007, Beatie decided to become the first Pregnant man through artificial insemination. He became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby.

 The reason for becoming a first pregnant man is: Beatie’s wife Nancy was infertile. Now Beatie has given birth to three children. Beatie is now Author, Public Speaker, and advocate of transgender. 

Dogs Can Smell The Cancer

Lovely Awesome Dogs are the most loyal friends of the humankind. Now one more characteristic added into their honor. After many pieces of research, the researchers able to pick up an interesting fact about the dogs in world. According to them, Dogs can smell the particular scent that cancer produces in the person. A human cannot detect this smell, but dogs can do it.

If a beloved dog shows the sign of sniff when you do not feel any scent around you then you must go to see the doctor. Just for the precaution. But first of all, you have to check your nose is running properly, not block due to flu.

The Longest Traffic Jam in the World

I don’t know this interesting fact will get the Guinness world record or not. When I heard this amazing fact in the world I straight away feel the pain of the survivors of this greatest traffic jam. I am not a punctual person plus this traffic jam makes me damn late. Where is my by default birth plane? 

China is the largest populated country in the world. When the traffic jam occurs in the biggest highways in China it lasted for hours. But on China Highway 110 from Beijing to Tibet, the longest traffic jam had reported. The traffic jam lasted for more than 10 days. For the 10 effing days, the vehicle moved for just 0.6 miles per hour. I must appreciate the patience of vehicle holders. If I was there I must be boiling with my own frustration.

Skin Care from Crocodile Dung

We know the importance of crocodile tears. The person can get advantage of shedding this type of tears. But here we are introducing the new actual benefit from the crocodile. Greek and Roman empires are the most ferocious and brave empires. They believed that Crocodile Dung is the treatment for the skin. They grab the crocodile dung and used it in the mud to create the face mask to prevent the wrinkles and get the glow of the skin. 

This ritual got extinct, but if you see the face mask with the crocodile dung ingredient that means humans revived the Greek and Roman Empire ways.  

Elephant is The Only Mammal cannot Lift All Four feet 

 One more mind-blowing fact from our cute animal Elephant. All the mammal of the world can lift their four feet at a time. But Elephant is the only mammal which cannot jump or keep high the four feet at a time. Rhino or Hippos cannot jump to but while walking they can lift four legs. 

One more remarkable achievement Elephant possessed. It was the largest animal on land. The African Bush Elephant was the largest extinct land mammal. Oh, one more amazing fact about this list. This cute sexy elephant comes two times in our facts. I think this is a very great achievement, elephant deserves a Guinness world record. (Kidding) 

Humans Have 5 Senses! Are you sure? 

We learned in school that Human has 5 senses. After that, we discovered from the movies that human has 6th sense also. Because of this sixth sense, every hero succeeded to defeat the villain. Later the researchers confirm that the human has more than five senses. No, they didn’t endorse the mythical sixth sense but the human can sense more things.

Yes, we can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, but what about the temperature sense? We also can sense the pain. We can sense the movement of our bodies and also sense something during sex, the whole world is crazy about this feeling and they overlook this sense. Every Human can feel the acceleration, hunger, and even our respiratory process. According to the scientist, there are 21 genuine senses of the human.

We Can Smell more Than 1 Trillion Scents

As we all know scents can change our mood. The pleasant scent can fill the contentment in us and a bad scent can make us frown. Not long ago scientist thinks that we can detect only 10 thousand smells. But one research published in 2014 by Science, according to them, a human can sniff more than 1 trillion scents. 

This is the mind-blowing fact because I know probably just 100 scents. I sincerely hope that alas we cannot detect the bad aroma. Like we cannot detect the smell of our fart. 

First Man To Pee on the Moon

We know the first man who put the first step on the moon. Neil Armstrong, the legend. But pity on us we don’t know about the legend who peed on the moon first. This is the big achievement we humankind overlooked entirely. This is not fair. We should apologize to Buzz Aldrin because he is the first man who urinated on the moon like a boss.

But he didn’t take a leak at the surface of the moon. He did it on the urinated bag. Remember there is no gravity in the moon, if he did it openly, then there is a huge chance every scientist float with the droplets and some of them bath in it. 

The Most Stolen Book and Item in the World

Do you know long ago in America, libraries locked the readers in the cabin? Yes, this is true. Libraries made the cabins and lock readers in it so the people cannot steal the books. Still, most of the libraries are facing the problem of theft, but in this modern era, this problem goes down because of the camera and any other security technologies. According to the research, the most frequently stolen book is Harry Potter by JK Rowlings.

One more interesting fact that most stolen items on the groceries are a cheese.  Well, this is strange because before when I know this fact I thought the most stolen item would be basic meals such as flour, sugar, a bottle of water. But thieves decided to go to a luxury item. On a serious note, I am not saying thieving is the justifiable act, it should not happen but we have to kill the cause of theft. We have to help impoverished ones. Help in a manner so they can settle their life. Some dollars help cannot solve their whole life problem. 

World’s Loudest Person

I am seeing the loudest voice, and suddenly one thought came in my mind who is the most real loudest person in the world. As we have seen in many superpower movies, the character shrieks and able to broke the glass and everything. Keep in mind, after 120 decibels the voice started to be very painful to ears. 190-decibel voice is a threshold when things started to get a break, it can make the person deaf and shatter things. 

According to the Guinness World Record, the loudest person of the earth is Jill Drake. She beat the record of even thunderstorms that generally recorded of 120 to 125 decibels.

She broke the previous record of 121 decibels set in 1994. In 2000 Jill Drake set the new record of a whopping 129-decibel shout. 

Chinese Emperors died from “Immortality” Elixir

Everyone would chase the Elixir of Immortality or Elixir of Life if it existed. But it does exist according to the Chinese Emperors who lost their lives from the Immortality Elixir. The first emperor Qin Shi Huang died due to Immortality Elixir. He is the strongest Emperor of his time, he can reign longer but the love of immortal life took his life. He died at the age of 49. But after this incident, the emperor did not learn the lesson. The Emperors of many dynasties such as the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty take the immortality of Elixir and lost their lives.

 In 200 BCE the first Chinese Emperor died from it, but the chain of mortality of Immortal Elixir continues among the Chinese Emperors. The last emperor Yhongzeng died in 1735 due to this Elixir. That means in approximately 2000 years, the Elixir of Life has taken the lives of many Chinese emperors. 

Angelina Julie Hired The Hitman to Kill herself

In 2009 according to the Vanity fair poll, Angelina Julie is selected as the Most Beautiful Women in the World. She won this award by the massive margin. The second on the list, Gisele Bundchen, just got 9 percent vote to compare to Julie’s 58 percent.  But this beautiful and Most Famous person in the world tried to kill herself through Hitman.

Angelina Julie confessed after the success, the inner demons still haunt her. She contacted one Hitman to kill her. She also agreed to give him a handsome amount to complete this task. Luckily, Hitman suggested her rethink and gave her one month’s time. After one month Angelina Julie rejected her idea.

The most beautiful women in the world is now among us. She achieved many things after this incident. She nominated for many awards after this incident and won many awards. Her movies like Mr & Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Changeling, Salt and many more wins the heart of the audience. She also became the Special Envoy to the United Nations High commissioner of refugees.

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