What Lesson We Can Learn From Coronavirus

What Lesson We Can Learn From Coronavirus

Many events changed the course of the world. World War 2 is a notable event. This war forced nations to think about humanity. This war was commenced on the imperialism basis. After millions of dead people due to the grand war, the people of involved countries pick up the lesson “Say no to imperialism.” They understood the lesson of humanity. After that, most of the stakeholders of world war 2 not openly involved in any war. The result, those states are among the prosperous countries. 


9/11 was one unfortunate event that again changed the path of the world. After this event, thousands of individuals died because of wars. But people understand the importance of humanity. They could understand that there was no place to radical behavior which leads to violence in society. Many countries took part in the war against extremism and crushed the back of terrorists. 


It is evident that after every tragedy we learned the useful lessons. 


The New World Changing Event


Now in 2020, World has seen the Pandemic Corona Virus 2019 or COVID 19. This is not the first time the world is dealing with the pandemic. Many global or domestic diseases came and went after taking thousands of lives. But this Pandemic is considered as lethal in the contemporary world. Because of the nature of the virus and diverse population, it seems extremely hard to stop the Coronavirus. The contagious nature of the Coronavirus has infected more than 1 million lives as of now. 50 thousand people have lost their lives. This COVID 19 Virus is spreading very expeditiously. The complication is, there is no cure for this disease yet. If the medicine not invented soon, the affecters of Coronavirus will reach in millions.  


Due to the Outbreak of the Corona Virus, almost every country of the earth has got affected. People compelled to live in the house. Every Public Action is closed. Almost every country has enforced the lockdown. Parks are sealed. People cannot go to praying places like mosques, churches, and temples. There are no sports events in the world. This Virus is forcing people to live in the house. It’s been a month now people are residing in the house and avoiding public places. The course of the world change suddenly. 


We can wander outside without fear just one month ago. But now we cannot. This Virus will surely bring the impact after this pandemic. All I am wishing the impact will be a constructive one. 


Lessons We Can Learn From Coronavirus


This is human nature. After experiencing something bad, they learn a valuable lesson. We are here discussing what lesson they can learn from the Coronavirus. 



We Can Learn the Lesson of Humanity


For the decades we are witnessing the trend of weapon madness. I call this absurdity because almost every country has indulged in the process of acquiring weapons, becoming nuclear heads, showing off the power to other countries. This is a precarious route for humanity. In 2014, Bill Gates gave a brilliant speech on the Ted platform. The speech titled as, “The next outbreak: We are not ready.” In this lecture he mentioned, practically every state just emphasizes on preparing the war, but we have built no system to stop the outbreak.


After six years of his speech world has seen the effect of a pandemic. 


I hope us, all human family; will learn the lesson of compassion from the Coronavirus. Every community will concentrate on developing a human-friendly atmosphere in the world. They will give up the madness of making disastrous weapons. People will not endure the behavior of the individuals who are a menace to humankind. Like they picked up the lesson and hated terrorism and imperialism. 


Coronavirus is not merely a disaster for health but it also destroys the economies. Many people in the world will suffer badly from this Coronavirus outbreak. I am optimistically hoping that affluent People of the world will remember the impoverished ones. They will help them. This is the high time to show kindness. After this Coronavirus people will learn the lesson of altruism. They will establish a habit of generosity. This will be the stepping stone towards the compassionate world. 


Concentration on Health


This is also an imperative lesson to learn from the Coronavirus. Most people are living an unhealthy life. As, we all learn most of the viruses become lethal because of the weakened immune system. We can make our immune system strong by living a healthy life. According to Harvard, We can defeat any pandemic by making ourselves strong. We should eat a balanced and healthy diet. Exercise properly. Leave the detrimental habits, such as smoking and consumption of alcohol. I am expecting due to this Coronavirus pandemic, humans will follow the path of healthiness. This is the most efficient procedure to fight any disease. 


Governments of Countries should understand the importance of the health system. We should set aside the hate and the influence game and develop the health system so we can deal with the next pandemic losing no one. If we learned this lesson earlier, thousands of precious dead bodies due to Coronavirus would be still alive. But we learn the lesson after the disaster. So I hope Governments will raise the steps towards the prevention of Pandemic. Especially the progressing or underdeveloped countries should take the health measures on an urgent basis.


The Importance of Socializing


1 month before we regularly go out for work or study. We used to roam in the parks, attending the gatherings without any hesitation. We do not even realize this was the blessing that we can go anywhere we wanted. Now we are locked up into the houses. We cannot meet our friends and our relatives for the sake of our and their safety. But the positive thing is, we can spend our time with family. 


In this world we all were busy! We didn’t have the time for our family. This period will make us realize that time with family is important. From this, we can learn the lesson due to Coronavirus that family should be our preference. All the temporal things will not remain, but our family will stand with us until our last breath. 


I go through the views of many people; they thought that after the Coronavirus outbreak, people of the world will be reluctant to go out. They will stumble to meet people. People will become afraid to blend. I must tell you, this period of social distancing is very boring. We are eager to go out and spend our time outside. Initially, maybe people hesitate to go out. But after they realize the outing is safe, they will go out with the contentment. I am positive about this, people of the world will realize the importance of the crowd. They will spend a more lively life. 


I am anticipating with finger cross the humankind of the world will learn the lesson from Coronavirus that outing is the blessing and they will be protective towards the environment of the world. 




Coronavirus is the chance for the solidarity of the world. This pandemic is the villain of all humankind. People are raising the voices that we all have to forget the differences and fight with this common enemy. This Coronavirus is teaching the lesson of unity. I hope we will forget all our quarrels and live with unity from now on. 


Yes, I know the bad apples in the world will remain. But at least People will not fall for their trap. People will recognize their scheming and acknowledge those as bad. I believe after this Coronavirus the people will understand the importance of unity and humanity. I hope our behavior will be better after this COVID19.  


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  1. Your lessons from corona virus are profound. I write as my country, the US, has more than 100,000 deaths and despite the danger of gathering with others, thousands of people of all races are rising up to take a stand -snd kneel- for justice, accountability for our fellow Americans of color. Many young people. No leaders. Just people rising up for humane treatment of fellow human beings.

    The relatively few looters and destroyer on several extremes are visually dramatic and give our president a chance to wave a Bible and rattle a saber, but the real story is that a 17 year old girl with a cell phone, the presence of mind to press record and the courage to keep recording when the police looked at her has shown the reality of brutality and has awakened the good side of our imperfect people.

    And I trust on our side of the world this moment will fuse justice with the lessons you mention. Maybe we can find tge compassion to forgive our own and others’ use of violence instead of negotiation and collaboration

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