How to Avoid Corona Virus: Symptoms and Treatment

How to Avoid Corona Virus: Symptoms and Treatment

When Corona Virus first appeared, people thought it is just a seasonal virus and will not affect much. So we all didn’t give any attention to this matter. China alerted the world about this Novel Corona Virus (2019-ncov) and announced some causalities but still, the world thought China will do something for the prevention. Now, this Corona Virus is out of China’s hands and threatens the whole world. Plus there is no potential and official Corona Virus treatment come yet.

On 23 January 6000 people were the affecter of this virus. I am editing this piece on 24 March 2020, as of now 400,0000 people has affected by the Coronavirus. In just two months almost 394,000 people got infected with the Coronavirus. 17000 precious people lost their lives because of this Contagious Virus. This burst is spreading very rapidly not just in China also all over the world.

Almost all countries of every continent have affected with the Corona Virus. United States, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Russia, Cambodia, and in many other countries Novel Corona Virus cases have reported. Experts say that it will spread more, but they are hopeful soon this outbreak will reach the peak, in ten days maybe and after that, the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus will slow down.

Yes, the severity of this Corona is immense and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a global health emergency. But we are not here to scare you from this Virus outbreak. The motive of us is you must know about the severity of this Novel Corona Virus and take the befitting measurement for prevention. Out of 70,000 people, 12 thousand people is severely ill. 14000 people get rid of this virus and get back to perfect health. This means people can prevent themselves from the severe outcome of this virus. Although the vaccination of Novel Corona Virus still not invented but scientists are busy to explore different ways for avoiding this Virus.

What is Corona virus?

Corona is a family of viruses can cause mild cold symptoms to more severe diseases. The previous SARS Corona Virus outbreak appeared in 2002 in China. It was spread to the 30 countries, infected more than 8000 people and 858 people lost their lives. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) caused Pneumonia due to infection. If it got worse possess acute respiratory distress (Breathing difficulty).

In the Novel Coronavirus (2019-Ncov) the same acute respiratory syndrome hit on the severe cases. SARS is the most lethal Corona virus that caused the most deaths. After that MERS Corona Virus appeared in 2012 which also captures the many countries and reasons for many deaths.

Corona virus spread very rapidly. In fact, contagious viruses always spread rapidly. The word Viral comes from this phenomenon.

When we got cough and cold it is because of the virus. But those viruses are weak our body easily exert the virus from the sneeze and cough. If that virus causes pneumonia it means virus spread all over your respiratory system. SARS, MERS, and NCOV are the stubborn viruses they fight with your immune system and if win captures your respiratory system and with the cruelty attack on it.

Corona has come from the word Corone which is the plural of word crown. The pattern of the virus is like multiple crowns like shapes. Corona Virus is not just one virus but it contains the 7 other groups of viruses causing pneumonia and respiratory problems.


The first Corona Virus detected in 1960. After that 5 more types came in the world including SARS and MERS. Recent (2019-ncov) is the 7th group of the Corona virus. A question pops up in mind, can we not deal with this Virus like we dealt with former Viruses. The answer is, unfortunately, no because the recent virus is stronger than the previous virus and need the more powerful dose to kill it.

How (2019-ncov) Virus can be spread?

Like the other virus, this virus enters in our respiratory system and starts to trouble it. Our body is fighting against viruses and due to cough and sneeze, we can exit the Corona Virus from our body. It exerts the virus from the body but there is a huge chance this virus transmits to the other person around you. If the immune system defense system got weak against the virus it can cause severe consequences.

How Novel Corona Virus First Appear?

Corona Virus first spread in the Wuhan, city of China. There are many theories but there is no confirm source for these theories. Initially, when the Corona Virus outbreak emerges media infers that the virus started from the Wuhan Meat Market. According to the news in some animals, Corona virus exists and after eating, it transfers to the human. The perception is formed because MERS spread from the animals, camels, and bats.

When People figuring out whether snakes are the source of coronavirus or bat one more theory appeared. Like the SARS which spread in the laboratory in 2003 various sources claims that 2019-ncov is made in Wuhan Virology Department and it got viral due to one of the virologist got the virus and spread it. (Virologist are those who research on Viral Diseases)

Well, none of the above reasons are official and the source of spreading the virus is still unknown. In fact WHO couldn’t figure out the source of the Virus that’s why they have trouble to pin down the virus and make the vaccine for it.

What are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

People diagnosed with the virus show the symptoms of fever, cold flue and cough. Some of them have felt difficulty in breathing. But it is advised by the high medical authorities if you feel the cold flue or pain in your throat and symptoms of fever avoid the contact with people and immediately go for the checkup.

When the 2019-ncov virus enters the people’s body it didn’t show the Corona Virus Symptoms straight away. It takes 2 days to two weeks to show any symptoms. This is because the immune system fights the virus initially and if your immune system loses the battle the consequences start to appear.

Speaking of the Immune System, the number of Kids in Corona Virus victim list is less because Kids have a very strong Immune System. Most of the Corona Virus Affected are middle-aged men (55-67 years).

Scientists also found out that people with diabetic history, heart disease and severe smokers with weak lungs got the Corona Virus Infection instantly. In fact, two first men died due to the Corona Virus were young but they both were chain smokers with weakening lungs.

How to Treat Corona Virus?

This new virus needs a special kind of treatment. Every people asks about, what is the Corona Virus Treatment? Health Scientists and Virologists are studying the virus so they can give the antidote of the virus. Unfortunately, they didn’t come up with any final solution yet and the official medicine for this virus is not invented as of now. There are many news circulating such as Hydro Ocychlornquin is the Corona Virus treatment. Some say vinegar and some give some drugs as the treatment of Corona Virus.  But there is no official news about that. The only solution seems to have you must avoid this Virus. World Health Organization has announced many precautionary measures.

  •  Keep your hands clean with soap and alcohol made sanitizer or hands rub.
  • You should cover your nose and mouth while you are walking outside if you are in the city of Corona Virus-infected city.
  • Don’t cough or sneeze open. Use the tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Avoid close contact with the person who has flu and respiratory infection.
  • You should avoid unprotected contact with the farm animals and wild animals. Don’t touch the dead animal.
  • Do not use rough meat and eggs, cook it properly.



Things to Remember

Yes, this virus is contagious and deadly but I am very disheartened to see this instead of spreading positive vibe media is inciting the fear in the people. They tell you about the affected people and the death toll but they are not telling you that most of the affected persons are now okay and discharged from the hospitals.

Fear weakens your strength, also the strength of the immune system which is the most essential weapon against the Corona Virus. I am not saying that you should not care about this you should take the protective measures but don’t indulge in excessive fear.

I know it is very difficult I have flu and in back of my mind, I thought many negative things. But think positively and take the measures. Be moderate don’t indulge in fear and take all the measures which are easy. You will live with your beautiful smile.

One more sad reality is I have seen some videos of people are cruelly neglect the person who shows the symptoms of flu and cough. Yes, you have to avoid the person but your behavior should be nice and encouraging towards them. Give them a positive gesture, talk with them, give them assuage and ease their process towards the betterment. They need it the most.

May God keep all safe from this Virus and those who get infected May God give them sound health. Rest in peace for those who lost their lives due to the Corona Virus outbreak (Amen).


Note. We will update you if any official Corona Virus Treatment announced by the genuine World Health Organization.


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