Superiors ( Flash Fiction Story)

Superiors ( Flash Fiction Story)

My Boss just calls me and ask me to do strange things on the phone. He wanted me to write down the list. I wanted to tell you he is adequately nourished, accomplished ‘Asshole.’ No one likes him not even my Dog ‘Buddy.’

My Boss came to my house one week ago. His mocking face stings when he saw towards my house. He passed some sentences to mock my house  “Do you really live in this house???” “Do you plan to renovate your house?” Like he was making fun of me, for living here. The house which is and will not, in order by any means. Everything is out of Order here. Underwears are at my Drawer not inside, my dirty pants on my Sofa. My clean clothes always sleeping with me beside my bed. Bowl or plates on the floor. Because I ate and loved to the left where I ate. Don’t ask me about my bathroom, yeah cleanest thing in my house is my dining table because Doggie and I didn’t use it. But I love to live that way.

Boss went next level when he entered my bedroom and said: “I don’t know you lived in the house like this; I will never come here if I know, Ewww.” Yes, this is Harsh. He is always mean.

Tomorrow he called me ‘Useless,’ because out of eleven assignments which he gave me I couldn’t do one. Doggie didn’t like him for another reason. He hated him because he is so clean. He lived with me so yeah, he hated all clean guys for obvious reasons. I just stare at my Boss and started to pick up the keys of the house to get out from home with him. 

Now he wanted me to do groceries for him, I, the guy who hated the groceries to the Core. I just wanted to abuse him on the Phone but you know he is my Boss, My Superior so I just said: “Yeah Okay.”

I left the house for groceries, at the Mart I saw one Native man beating the Immigrant Boy with the repetitive yell “You are ‘disgust’ for our Country,” with a high pressing tone. He punched him and repeated the word with every punch. It turned out the Immigrant dare to ask the Native for more money. A native was sure he paid all his debt. Immigrant sold the Item expensive than the usual price. You can sense the fear of Immigrant as he got beaten by King and after some time, he will execute him from his country. I didn’t interfere because Native is right ‘We should have rights more than them because we born in this country, this makes us Superiors than them”. In their country, they will be superiors to us. One of the basic rules of the world. 

One Girl jumped in and started to shout at the Native. “He is Human like you, yes you are the citizen, but this does not make you any better…,” And blah blah blah, I didn’t want to listen to this Stupidity, She sabotaged all the fun which we all native enjoyed. I murmured “Silly Girl’ entered on the Mart for the shopping for my Boss. 

I did my grocery for my boss and gave it to his wife at his home. She didn’t ask me for inside, for water or tea. She didn’t thank me either. Yeah, how would she? Maybe she thought me one of the slaves of his husband. You know ‘Superiors.’ 

 When I walked back into my home, Flirty met me. I called him flirty because he is too good around girls. He was our Role Model at College. Flirty had some powers, He can make any girl his girlfriend, and we saw this with our eyes so many times. He is not like super dashing or Beautiful, he is average like mine, but he has the tricks which can trap any girls. I shout “Hey flirty Wassup.” You know in a cool style. First of all, I wanted to tell you, in my whole life I just kissed two girls, and they left me after the Kiss. I am not sure about the reason. I am still figuring out. 

Flirty saw me and got flaunt, I saw him like Flirty is the conqueror of the Empire and I am just his sidekick, wanted to sift out how he got this empire. “Hey,” He replied with absolute pride. I ask him the question which I ask him at every meeting, “What is the Score?”, “674’ he replied, I got confused because he told me 689 last week, Maybe he lost the count also which is cool. Flirty have Uncountable Girlfriends. Wow. 

I wanted that, so I asked, “You didn’t tell me last time, kindly give me the contact of Hottie”, he got agitated “ I lost my Cell, So yeah, I will take from her and give you, I am in a Hurry”, 

“Oh yeah yeah Thanks flirty”.

 I told my Friend about Flirty, and he started to dissuade me, “So what He has many girlfriends and you didn’t? Every person has some abilities, I thought this ability is not best at all, Maybe my ability is better than him you know, I earn more than him.”

 I said, “Yes, I know you are Jealous because you are like me. You have some money but not a gal. But my friend, he is superior because he is a player ” He just shakes his head and ended the conversation with a pull out with disagreement. He is Cry Baby, but I know how to make up again.

After Office, I saw the 7-Year-old Silly girl, who looked like an Immigrant because of her grubby clothes and not so face like us. She is the kind of girl who is bossing around me and all of the natives; I think she didn’t know the law. She came towards me and asked for some money like she is my boss with an attitude. “Hey. Give me some money?” I saw towards her with hatred and say “Why you want money little girl you are not my mummy, who ordered me like this.”

Yes, it hurt my ego, one little girl who is Poor and Immigrant and Little with all those deficiencies bossing around me, so I said in a callous way. Girls relented and said, “I want some Candies.” “Go ask your Daddy,“ I immediately interfered. The girl looked me with hope, but I am in a dangerous position If I give her money, I will officially consider her Superiority and If not I will be the Villain for her. I chose the second option. She will find me the not awesome person, but she didn’t know the world run like this, and I am the part of the world.

“We are white, brown, and black. I and you are Muslims, Christian, Jew, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Atheists, etc. Yes, we are American, Asian, European, African, Arab and the man with small eyes. We are Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Oriel Orthodox, Shia, Sunni, Brahmin, Judaist, Ashkenazi, Nirankaris, NamDharis, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudras ………., We are people of almost 200 countries, with thousands castes and sub-castes. But we forgot the basic thing about our existence most of all we are humans, But we left Humanity and divided into several groups. Those groups started for Humanity, But people forgot humanity and started to believe their perspective is humanity, rest are Non-humans. They started to consider themselves Superiors and rests are not superiors to them. Division cost us humanity and being a reason for all fights and Chaos”.

 This World filled with Idiotic Voices Like the girl who gave the Speech to the Audience. I think we have to ban those immigrants. They are enjoying our resources and yelling. One more idiotic immigrant girl giving the speech on the road and telling about the resistance and started to weep for Human rights. This is the Rule of the world we didn’t make them. Every Rich are superiors to the Middle Class and Poor; Rich has more chances than others. Religious Prestigiousness also exist, People of every Cast also realized themselves better than anyone. Ethnicity also gave priority to their peoples. I don’t know this is right or wrong, but I know the world goes like this, superiors exist and no one can change this neither you or me or them. Or we didn’t even try. 

Note: I didn’t use the name of any person because it is the story of almost every person in every Country. Obviously, they didn’t admit, but by the act, they all like the same. When they are rich they feel superiors around impoverish. They feel pride when they found someone lesser in anything.  

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  1. Hmm. There are a lot of cultural differences to unpack, here, actually. But you’re correct about it being human nature (generally) to want someone – anyone – to look “down” on. President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Does looking “down” on anyone make a person “superior”? I don’t think so. And many times, the most generous people are those who know what it is to have nothing. I truly believe that the only people who need this sort of ranking or “pecking order” are insecure, fearful, not very nice people.
    We may be born in different countries, but we’re all humans born on the same planet, aren’t we? I told my kids that it’s not who’s wealthiest or smartest that’s “better” than anyone else, it’s the one who uses their resources, skills, and talents to better the lives around them. I suppose that puts me somewhere around “average.”

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