Simple New Year Resolutions – Keep it Simple

Simple New Year Resolutions – Keep it Simple

Importance of the Simple Resolution 

New Year Resolutions are vital to reaching towards the goal. It leads you towards the persistence throughout your journey. I didn’t believe this term when I was a teenager. As a result, I was marching diagonally towards my direction. I slumped down in the path several times without fore sighting the destination. If anyone starts the journey without a resolution is like the blindfolded person on the path.

In 2015, I commenced to get the importance of resolution, but in the first year, I commit enormous. The result, I failed miserably. I sweated a bit initially to complete my goals but after that, I used to ease up, when I had to rush to meet my deadline. I had made this my habit; this was the mistake that hit my goal severely. In 2016, I made a New Year resolution and failed utterly. In 2017, the result was the same, the utter failure to gain momentum.

But in 2018 something happened. The frustration inside me boils enough; I used to curse myself for my procrastination. It’s been three years, and I didn’t move much forward towards my goal. This frustration tends me to realize something, actually a very important thing. “You are doing all wrong, and there must be a fault in your approach.” I inspected my approach again. I found out that the reason for my failure was my exaggerated resolute towards the goal. So I made the plan, with little easy steps to advance towards my ambition.

The answer to how to make the New Year resolution is The simple resolution. This is the first step to begin the journey, you can pace up later. I am very well aware that there are some circumstances in which you have to hustle to get the results in your favor. But you can hustle if your body or mind well trained to catch up the tempo of the rush you required. If you are not giving time to make it a habit, you will falter soon in terms of the progress of your ambition.


Make Your Happy New Year Resolutions and keep it Alive. 

New Year is coming, so did the season of the resolution, but remember you can set goals but don’t commit in the long term. For example, in the upcoming year, I will read 30 books. I will lose 50 pounds; I will neglect procrastination or reduce the wasting time online. Don’t take it as a matter of one year, but resolute to make daily progress.

I will read 1 hour daily, it can fulfill my destination 30 books a year. I will exercise half an hour daily so I can lose 50 pounds in the year. Focus on my work or try to focus on my work for a specific time to prevent procrastination. I will reduce the half-hour of my online activity and spend the time to do some productive work. Keep it simple initially. You can increase the amount gradually and by the end of the year, you will reach your goal.

You want to make a New Year Revolutionary, you should consider adding a little amount of pace up quarterly or monthly. Don’t put pressure on yourself initially, as I have told you if you start to fail, then failing will become your habit. This habit can stay for a long time. Most of the people say failure is good, I do believe that also, but only if you learn from it, if you make it a habit then it can make you rusty and Keep your objective away from you. Keep remembering there are no cheat days. It will open up the door for more cheat days.

This is the most important point to make your resolute successful, note down the everyday process of going forward. There are two benefits of it, you will indulge in your resolute and you can analyze your everyday performance. You can see how much you gain by that time. This will make resolute even firmer.

Innovative New year Resolution Ideas 

You can make the multiple New Year Resolutions but again make sure that they are not hectic for you. There are many ideas you can work on. It depends on personality, as everyone has a different situation, mindset and have goals. You need to analyze which trait you are lacking or what bad habits you want to avoid making for the New Year’s everyday resolutions. Keep it simple, but keep it innovative enough so it can grab you till the fulfillment. If you use boring ways there might be a chance you will snap out of your idea to make yourself better. Now we added one more thing in our slogan, keep it simple and innovative to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

If you are not happy with your health, if you are lean try to increase your diet. But how can you make new year resolutions in a unique way? The resolutions which keep you involved. You must have liked some food; try to make a resolute that you will eat your favorite food two days a week. Make a Resolution that you will increase your diet by eating more, for example, you consume four pieces of bread a day, try to increase it till five or six a day.

Use the rich food that increases your strength. Use the scientific prospect for example apps that calculate the energy food provides, If your consumed energy is less than the energy you eat, you are on the right track. It will increase your enthusiasm to make the New Year resolution successful. The vice versa method applies to the person who wants to lose weight.

If you want to travel but due to a busy schedule you cannot give your ambition a time, then make a resolute that you will give yourself time to relaxation or happiness. You can make the slot but try to make it on the initial months or days of the New Year because there might be a chance if you make a resolution after spending months you surrender in front of the situation. You have to experience the traveling perks initially, as soon as possible, because one thing I know, if you experienced it, you will certainly make a slot of free time to travel again. Traveling or visiting a favorite place leaves a huge impact on you, relaxes you and gives you inner calm.

You are a full-time worker but still, you are concerned about your income then find a way of income. You will say this is not easy. I agree the first step is not easy but after that, you will figure out. We recommend that you use your strength for it. If you are a good writer then write blogs, if you are a good speaker make vlogs, if you are a good painter then paint whatever you want. If you are a good marketer then make your content and market it. Give yourself a short amount of time every day for another venture. There might be a chance initially you will not produce anything, but once you are a master of the work, you will be a master of your fate. Don’t lose hope until then.

If you are a student and want to overcome the studies problem, if you are a businessman and want to grow your business, If you are a professional and want to take command of your prior profession. So, who stops you to march towards the advancement? If you are trapped in the bad approach then change it. Be more discreet and simple and don’t put yourself in a hard position to overcome any loss. Remind yourself every time that you can do it. If by mistake or deliberately you keep behind your schedule then don’t panic. Have faith in yourself and start to chase the goal you set for yourself. But set a goal for the specific time. When the times reach, see behind to determine how far you have come. Set the next goal and then the next. If life begins then your aim must begin.



Every person in this world comes with the unique strengths, find your strength, make the plan to use your strength wisely, do as you planned, and get the result. This is the simple way of every successful person. The year is the stage of your destination. More of like the stairs, you can look back and see in which year you climbed the stair and which year you stuck on one stair. If you are a climber of stairs frequently, you will get more strength and likely result in your favor.

In 2018, after three years of standing on one stair, I decided to move forward. I climbed the stairs. I was a Telecommunications Engineer, the terrible one, it got years for me to realize that I want to become a writer but I don’t budge towards my dream at all. But After the hectic job of Fiber optics operation, I used to come to the home to read books, write stories and then rest. This is my first step the basic one, after that in 2019 I achieved something which is the initiation of my dream. In 2019, I left the Engineering Job and got a job as a content writer. People mocking attitude towards me for leaving the job and start another career is a different story. But I was adamant that I will be a Writer, the great one.

This is the end of 2019, and the beginning of 2020, make it a Happy New Year with the progress. In 2019, the things I achieved it become my Happy New Year, I have written 500 short articles and 35 vast blogs for different sites, I wrote a Novel and a dozen Novellas and Novelettes. In 2019, I achieved my goal’s path and now I am in the right direction towards my goal to become a Published Novelist. I don’t know how many stairs I have to climb more but I am satisfied that I am living a meaningful life. Give your life purpose, meaning to achieve something, make sure your life will not be a waste if you see back when you are grown up there is something you can be proud of.


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