Christmas: The festival for all, No matter the religion. (From the eyes of Muslim)

Christmas: The festival for all, No matter the religion. (From the eyes of Muslim)

Christmas is the festival of profound happiness and splendid tradition. The beneficial custom set by the Great Personality and people still remember the Nobleman as their Messiah. Jesus (Peace be upon Him) gives us the way to live peacefully; He restored the knowledge which humans have forgotten long ago, told us the way to live a life with dignity. In the dark era, Jesus tried to make people actualize humanity is the most important way which leads us towards prosperity, inner calm, and happiness. Jesus (Peace be upon him) reminds us that God love us more than our parents, we all are the apple of the eye of God, if you did any mistake, just follow the right way, to seek forgiveness and always try to be a better person. Jesus’ (peace be upon him) preached the messages of God. Jesus pointed out every sin to avoid and every right path to follow for making this world better.

25th December is the day people celebrate the birthday of Jesus. He (Peace be upon Him) began his life 6 or 4 BC according to the historians but there is a conflict about the Birthdate and birth year of Hazrat Isa (Jesus, Peace be upon Him) in Christmas History. We are not indulging in this debate. The most important thing is He came to this world and changes the course of it towards positivity. He sows the seed of goodness by his teaching, Unfortunately, He didn’t witness the fruit of it and departs from the world early. This day should be celebrated until his appearance again, He will come to save the world in future; He is in the heaven watching us, luckily some of his teachings still followed by people and when the world forgets the way He describes, World will witness Him again to proliferate the message of God. Now it is our responsibility to not disenchanting him and extend the memorandum of him and act corresponding to his teachings.

 Christmas: The Day of Extreme Joy and Celebration

Despite the conflicts, most of the people, almost all, honor Christmas Day with delight, notably the little angels in the world we called them children. This is the right of them to be happy all in their life, this is our prayer they will be (Amen) Christmas is the day, the child celebrates with joy due to the Great Person. Children’s excitement on this day is on the peak, but everyone is enthusiastic about this day and rightly so. This day gives them the right to happiness and moments to cheer all their life. Christmas day comprises of three days as the Muslim event Eid.

24th December celebrated as Christmas Eve, most of the people go outside to pick the Christmas tree, decorates the house, singing the carol on midnight mass and gather to celebrate. The 2nd day is the main day people believed Jesus (P.B.U.H) born on that day, our brothers Christians celebrate this auspicious day by giving the gifts. Giving the greeting cards through the mail, arrange the dinner for family and friends, shouts the Merry Christmas to everyone to greet them, like we said Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid) on the Eid ul Fitr. They set the snow in the yard and place the gift under the Christmas tree. Everyone is feeling happy and blessed, the precious grins spread on the people’s face, they felt overwhelmed because of this blessed day.

Christmas: The day to Pure Yourself  

Christmas is the day of extreme elation, yes, likewise this is the day to pure yourself too. This is the day to remind the instructions of Jesus (P.B.U.H). This is the day to resolute against the evil like Jesus did in this world. This is the day to restore the unwavering faith counter to our sin nature. This is the day to help the people that cannot celebrate this cheerful day with happiness, they cannot enjoy the good meal, they don’t have enough money to give presents to anyone, they crave to become happy but misery on their face explains the other story. Help them. You will notice the satisfaction; God established the gratification in kindness, and this is the message of Jesus.

Yes, it is in our nature we attract to the sin, but God has faith in us, He challenged the Satan that my people will show the trust in Me. He grants us the free will to choose, His affection towards us is evident because He didn’t bind us in any belief. God sent us in this world with the superior mind so we can seek the right path and if we did any wrong God is far more loving than our parents, just asks the pardon he will forgive us straight away.

“But if we admit our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and righteous to purify us from all wickedness.” 1 John 1:9

This is the day to pure yourself from all the sins. Just ask the forgiveness of all of your sins and seek the strength to prevent from all the evils. God will forgive you and give you the power to overcome all the sins… if you are willing. This ritual is not exactly for one event; you should seek the pardon often and have to remember God every day so you will always remember that you are here to do the right things. By doing this you will remember the message of God and Jesus, but at Christmas, you should recollect the memo of God and Jesus, so it produces the gesture, even in the happiness you didn’t forget the God as He never forgets you in any situation.

Christmas: The Day of Outstanding Rituals and Traditions

The reason I loved Christmas because of the customs. The happy and beneficial rituals, to gives the gifts, to exchange the cookies, to sing the Carol in unity, angel tree and many more. These routines are positive gestures that create love among the family and community.

There are many observances of different people, I am pointing out some practices I admired the most.

Cookie exchange party in which everyone makes their favorite cookies and bring them up in the party; all devour the favorite cookies of others. This is the pure example of a kind act in which people share the best meal mutually.

Angel Tree tradition caught my attention, I hailed it because this is what Jesus teaching is about: to spread the kindness. This is the tradition in which people donate clothes and gifts to a needy child. Angel tree filled with the papers in which the name of child and address is given people picks the ‘Angel’ and provides them so they can celebrate the festival with a broad smile.

Carol is the singing of praise and joy! In Christmas, neighbors, family, and friends gather to hum the Carol in Praise of Jesus (P.B.U.H). They remember the Messiah, they Praise Him by singing the nice words and most importantly with unity. This is fun, plus it will help to gel the person with society. There is no doubt that this is the admirable ritual I heard about.

Donation to the Food Bank for the needy ones, Aah this is a classic, pure and kind ritual. I love this ritual because at Christmas we need to remember the message of God through Messiah, about humanity, to treat the people well. God keeps the serenity in goodness.

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrew 6:10

In Christmas people found their inner peace by sharing the food to the needy people. Food Banks often filled with donors at Christmas who donates so the needy people get help.

Children write the Letter to Santa and informing him of their wish, describing their thoughts and making the demands to Santa Claus. They give the letter to parents to mail it to the North Pole. The common conception of little kids Santa lives at the North Pole. Parents take the letter and of course, they read it to know the Children better. This is an awesome way to understand the children, their mind and their needs.

Lightening everywhere at Christmas, If you are driving in the city you will encounter the decorated house, decorated roads, and buildings, everybody shouting Happy Christmas with delight to everyone. These positive surroundings and positive gestures obligate you to smile even if you are from another religion.

Christmas Campfire or Christmas Bonfire is the event in which people set the fire and they sat around it. Family, friends, neighbors all were gathering in the place to celebrate. They sing the Carol or share the favorite moments of the Christmas. This is the moment where they form the unity among the circle; they share the best moments with the loved ones and making the unforgivable love bond.

Christmas tree, there are many more likable rituals, but in my list last but not the least, to be very honest my favorite ritual, because when someone says the name Christmas, the green tree with gorgeous lightning came in my mind. Sometimes the lights were red and sometimes yellow, but it increases my obsession towards Christmas. So I decided I will write the first ever blog for my website on Christmas. I researched it and I got inspired by some rituals and I thought those rituals are the best to coup with the differences.

My query was: Christmas tree is real one or fake? I saw many debates on this topic. People buy the fake Christmas tree or some decorate the real one. My take is people should grow the tree in their front or backyard and then used the tree for the Christmas decoration. There are three benefits of this ritual one you will live with a tree, which is beneficial to health and atmosphere. The second is you will form the bond with the tree, of course, you will give it water and nurture it like the baby. So your Christmas tree must be your dear one. The third one you don’t have to buy the tree every year, you can spend the good money to decorate it. (Although I didn’t know the valid points of opposers: pardon me if I hurt your any sentiment)

When did I ask my friends: What are the Christmas Rituals you liked the most? Most of them replied that: they liked the memories when they decorate the Christmas tree with the family. They are on the mission to decorate the tree better than anyone and that excites them. They put the present inside the tree and the children with the dedication find the presents and when they found it, they filled with happiness. We called tree as shelter, the Christmas tree seems like the shelter of happiness.

Christmas Eve: The Beginning of Celebration

Almost two thousand and nineteen years ago, on the midnight of 24th December, One Baby was born to change the course of the world. Mass of the Christ was born in the eve. “Christmas Eve” is the initiation of the celebration of Great personality, in most countries gifts are exchanged on the night of the 24th. Before the night, on the day, usually most of the people (Elders) busy to buy the Christmas tree, Gifts, decorate the house, decorate the tree. They are busy to arrange Family gatherings, Campfire in the night, arranging a game night, Carol and cookie party.

On the Christmas Eve Kids busy to write the letter to Santa Claus, give it a deep thought to demand with the Santa. They search the address of him and posted the letter. They help the parents to decorate. In fact, they are the boss directed the parents to do according to their imagination.

People come forward to arrange the midnight mass on the church. They set the stage for the live performances, Nativity Pageants, Caroling. Most of the malls arrange the party for the kids, and Angel trees to help the underprivileged kids. Kids love to go to the mall because of Santa.

At the night most people go to the church for the midnight mass, and then they drive to see the lightening of the city and come to the home for family and friends or public community gatherings watching the Christmas movies, and singing the Carol sharing the foods.


Christmas Day: The Main day of Celebration

On the 25th December Christmas day, people visit the church to pray. Most of the marriages held on Christmas Day. A person often visits the family or friends for lunch and exchanges gifts. They devour the festive food consisting of a special meal; arrange the party for the kids and giving them special gifts. Kids are the wealthiest among all because of happiness and gifts they received gifts from the parents, relatives and their favorite Santa Claus.

25th December is the public holiday in most of the countries of the world. Even in the other religious states. People often go outside the cities to meet with their relatives or attending weddings. Lots of concerts and celebrations held on Christmas day. Many malls arrange the party on Christmas day where Santa Claus is the main focus of the kids. Communities often arrange the special events for Christmas, where people greet the neighbors and friends and enjoy the turkey or feasts with them. Kids are busy to find the presents in the tree.

Some group arranges the meals, parties and other charity projects to make the Christmas happy occasion for the impoverished ones. Most people spend the day traveling that’s why highways are busy and on the night they celebrate Christmas with the family.

Boxing Day: Second Christmas Holiday

After the two days of the celebration, most of the people sit back to enjoy their favorite games, as many sports held the match on that day. Such as English premier league, Test cricket in Australia, basketball games and many more. Most of the people busy at a wedding as most of the working couples decide to marry on this gracious day. Kids are busy to open presents and eat all the leftover cookies of Christmas day. While elders are preoccupied with unwrapping the gifts from their relatives. Most of the people often go outside to consuming the meal.

In many countries, there are many odd traditional events on Boxing Day such as fun runs, hunting and swimming in the cold water. Now hunting days are extinct because of law but hunters used to hunt before 2004 on Boxing Day.

Christianity in Islam:

I do not want to touch this topic, but during the research, I chatted with people and most of the people got stunned to know that Eesa Alaihi- Assalm (Jesus P.B.U.H ) is the Prophet of Muslims. Most of the individuals don’t know that we Muslims didn’t take the name of Him without including the peace be upon Him. In the Quran, there is the whole chapter of the mother of Jesus, Maryam ( Mary). Along with the Chapter, there are many verses on Maryam Alaiha Assalam in the Quran. In Quran Jesus mentioned by name 25 times.

Jesus called in Quran by God as, “the word of God” also God entitled him as “The Spirit of God” and “As a Sign of God.” Allah (God) mentioned him in fifteen different chapters. Although there is a conflict we Muslim know him as Prophet and Christians believe He is the son of God. But several things are common between Muslims and Christians such as we honor Jesus and always remember him with respect.

We (Christians and Muslims) believe in one God, We believed in heaven and hell. We believed in Adam is the first person on the earth, we believed on 4 archangels, we believed in Abraham, We believed that God loves us more than our parents, we believed that Bible is Holy Sculpture, We believed in Virgin Mary, We believed in miracles of Jesus, We believed that Satan is here to distract us from right path and we believed Jesus is Alive and He will return on the earth.

Despite all the parallels and some conflicts, with the grieving heart, I am writing this down that in Quran and Bible, both highly regard humanity, but we chose the hatred over humanity. The word of God in the Bible orders us to respect each other, similarly, in Quran Allah forbids to mock and hate the religious beliefs of others. With the heavy heart, I am writing this that we forgot the message of God. We should respect every religion, Not only Christianity, Not only Islam but all religions.


Most of the folks think that Christmas is the festival of the Christians only. As being a Muslim I personally loath this stereotype. Because you must acquire the advantageous knowledge from anyone and Jesus is the big institution of profitable knowledge, plus he is our prophet too. So being a great teacher and most important personality in religion we love our Holy Prophet Eesa Alaihi Assalam (Jesus) Peace be Upon Him. I am not saying that he is ours, Jesus is must be for everyone, who wants the true path. Unfortunately, I hate to say this but this is the truth now many preachers of religions incite the hates towards other religions, which caused the hatred. But they forgot that religions keep humanity on the top priority.

I want the world in which Muslims will celebrate Christmas and Holi etc and Christians celebrates the Eid and many other popular festivals. We should accept the beliefs of others and ignore the contradictory notes because every religion stands on mutual points, humanity, love, and peace, so we must also. I hate that many Muslims didn’t know about the Christmas, Many Christians didn’t know about the Eid. And both Christians and Muslims didn’t know about the festivals of other religions. This Christmas will not be a Christmas of only Christians, I am a Muslim and I will celebrate it and I am here to appeal to you, you should also celebrate the Christmas no matter what the religion is yours.

We want to let pass the world of hatred and we should step up because I know the loathing peoples are less in numbers but they always dominate. This is the time to turn them into minority from the power of love, we should do about that. So this year the festival of Christmas is not for Christians anymore, it is also for me, So C’mon Christian brothers let enjoy Christmas together. Merry Christmas to all. May God give you the strength to be happy and keep you away from every harm (Amen.)

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