Because I Love Him Episode 7 ( Clyne )

Because I Love Him Episode 7 ( Clyne )

“What I have done?” , ”You cannot take me this is against the law”,  “I am an honest citizen I paid my taxes you cannot do this to me?” I resisted with sentences, but the giant Police officer grabbed me from the arm and started to drag me. They took me to the investigation room. Where they asked about several persons. Clyne and most of the man I saw with Roland. But I refused to identify any of them.

“Your husband escaped and left you in trouble, still you help him. Are you out of your mind Rebecca.” Eric interrupts again. But this time Emmy instead of protest gives the remarks “yes, she lost her mind.”

I told you Because I love him. I was in an ambiance: I will protect my husband. He is innocent he worked for goods company. Wooden goods.

But something questioned inside me: How Roland got rich in months?, How he get the General Manager position he didn’t even graduate school? Why he escaped left me in trouble?

You know My stupid brain answered all the questions. Roland got rich in months because he is intelligent no doubt and his plans always succeeded as we saw in School. Maybe the owner also sees the abilities of him which I knew, That’s why he got the position of General Manager. Maybe he got scared that’s why he left me or maybe intelligently he realized the situation if we both get caught we will be in a lot of trouble. Now he is making plans to get out me from this place.


“Yeah, this makes sense.”  Eric with a slight nod.

“No you lost it also, it isn’t.” Emmy denied by shaking his cute face.

“We will see continue the story please.” Eric requested.


As his request I said further, After the brief investigation, they left me. They realized I was in a false impression that my husband is clean and I know nothing. Later they told me, Clyne was a drug dealer and Roland works with them. In the fancy wooden trolleys, they export drugs. They caught red-handedly when one of their consignment bearing drugs had caught.

My answer was, “You are wrong maybe his buyer put the drug in woods, I know they are innocent.” When I defended them, the picture of my mother came into my mind.

Police left me but not offered any ride. On the foot, I started to budge towards my home. One van came and they dragged me on the Van. I started to shout scratched the mouth of one grabber with my nails. “Hey calm down, Rollie sent us here.” By hearing his name I stopped my resist.


“Where he is? I want to meet him now?” I yelled with a full throat. My mind got tired by the puzzle Roland put in front of my life.  The love of mine caught in a trap by the dubious thoughts. I believed I was protecting it. I had scared those thoughts will make my love vanished.


The car stopped in the desolated area, I saw a gigantic old garage type building. I entered and saw Roland, He hugged me and said with relief, “ Thank God you are okay.” But he changed his expression with the concern he inquired, “What you told them? “


In disbelief and pain I saw him., “Remember, I cannot tell them anything, because you make me unaware.”


“What do you mean?” with a frown he inquired.

“You knew what I meant?”

“Rebbie, I did all this for you. I don’t have any option. No one will give us a better job than this.”

I came close to him. put my forehead on his. I touched back of my palm on his hair and dragged it towards his face and then neck. I grabbed his shoulder from my both hand while looking in his eyes. “We can try Rollie, we didn’t even try.”


“I tried it, but no one gives me anything except Clyne.” He put his forehead into mine again. Whispered.


“What we do now? You lied to me, Rollie. You can tell me the truth.”

“I cannot it’s better you be untold. Your investigation proved it now.”

“Now I am a threat to you because I knew everything.”

“No you are not I can settle everything again.”


“We are heading to another country, C’mon Rebbie comes with me, you know I love you.”

“I love you too, but I cannot run every time. I’m tired now”

“This last time for me, for our love.”


We watched one another with joining heads.

“Please Rebbie.”

This was a tough choice for me. I can go back to my normal life but my life with Roland will end. From this very moment, I have to decide to go back to my old life with decency and begin my career from the zero points. Or go with Roland my whole life will be a culprit but I have to do nothing. I gave in for an easy decision.


“Okay.” Was my response.


We left the country and goes to Vallanta which was famous for drug mafias. I heard The people of this city were very violent. When we entered the city I saw the backwardness. Small houses, children with muddy faces. Woman with grubby clothes and the man with strictness on their faces. I admired the reality of movies, how they show the area like this I always thought they brag about it.


I am worried I had to live with those people but car entered into the posh area after half hour drive. Our house was a big brownish mansion. This house gave me some relief.


Roland told me he arranged a job for me.


I started my Job as Waitress in the hotel. Later I knew the Hotel also a property of Clyne. He came here often with some girls. Always Partied and left with the drunk girls in one of hotel’s room. I never saw the girls again because I left when the girls got sober.


Two days of my hectic Job, because the people were very ill-mannered. They abused when I got late on the table. Some couldn’t stop themselves to throw a hand on me. I decided to quit.


I told Roland, but Roland said I cannot leave this job.


He made a shocking revelation: Clyne agree to bring me here on one condition, that I will not leave his job.


“What do you mean I cannot be left his job, what I am now.. his slave?”  with the tantrum I shouted.

“No Darling, you are not, but in here we need sponsors for the living and Clyne is our sponsor. He gave you the job he gave me Job.”

“I can change my sponsor I don’t need his Job. They often throw abuses at me, one boy tried to hit me.”

“No you cannot, I am doing all this for you but you make it difficult for me.” This time he shouted at me.


With the disbelief I saw him, maybe he ignored my sentence that someone abuses me and hit me. So I repeated.

“So what? it happens in this city so often, you have to be careful.” He said and moved out of the room.


On that very moment I cried,   he changed in just two days. But the hope still in me maybe his day was not good that’s why he behaved badly. When Roland will realize he made a mistake he will come to me and apologize.


Later I found out when Roland left me for days in the LA. He often came here.  Roland was officially a Rollie of the city. The right man of the ‘Boss’, They referred to Clyne. Rollie came in the conversation of the pretty ladies, while I was serving them food. According to them, Roland killed some peoples too.  I didn’t believe it. The mocking smile occurred on my lips when I heard the rumors about Roland. Some pretty woman also exaggerates they slept with Roland.


“What do you mean slept with?” The little Emmy with closed attitude inquired.

I deeply indulge in my thinking I forget my resolute not to give the adult information.

“Uhh, they meant Roland married with them too.”  I give the false reason.

“No it meant they sex with Roland, Don’t lie to us.”  Twelve years old Anaya interrupted this time. Anaya is a very intelligent girl who studies a lot. She didn’t like to talk but this time she talks on the wrong occasion.

“Oh gross.” With the yucky face, Emmy said, “ Why are you telling your story which contains abduction, lies, and betrayals? And sesk also. How it helps us? ”  The loud boom of chortle arose in the room when she used the word sesk instead of sex.


“She wanted to tell us if we do bad things the consequence of those will be bad. Isn’t it?” Jessie with hands up steps into the conversation very first time. She looked, everyone, like she is the smartest one of the house and she owes appreciation for this.


“yes, you are right Jessie.” I gave, her desired appreciation and her smile broaden.


Truth is this story is very crucial for one life who lives in this orphanage. I see my shadow under this house, so I decided to open my life in front of them, so they all can learn the lesson. But I direly wish this story will change the conception of the person. If not… the person will about to do a mistake which I had done years ago.


I glance toward the clock the storytime is well over. Actually, it’s a deep slumber time of them. All children are awake awaiting me to say something. Their interest makes me cancel my decision to end the story.


Roland became sand he started to escape away from my palm. In this drug city, I sensed the serious change in him. He used to avoid me a lot, we rarely made love. Plus the bossy nature of him instantly grown. Roland started to order me like I am his servant. “Hey, Rebbie pass me a bottle.” He often ordered me even the bottle within his reach.“Rebbie makes food for me.”  “Rebbie clean this house.” “Rebbie, find the remote.”


I did what he said without any annoyance Because I love him.


I wanted to protect my love but sometimes my thought wandered away. ‘Rebbie, he doesn’t love you anymore.’  The presumptuous thought came in my mind. I hushed away it. But my thoughts became bolder. ‘He knows you are dependent on him, you cannot survive without him. That’s why he takes advantage of you.” I shook my head in disdain to neglect the offering. I didn’t want this. Because of this truth, the bitter one.


Roland started to disappear for days. When he disappeared for one whole week, I went to Clyne house who was busy with party in the house also. Clyne gave me an awkward look. “I don’t know darling where he is? But I will tell him your pretty wife waiting for you.” I said, “Thank you.”

Clyne put his hand on my shoulder “If you want to party and enjoy you can join me. I know you are alone you need some company.” “No thanks” I almost hissed and turned from him to get away from Clyne ‘s house.


I remember the day it was July 15, it was almost thirteen days when I saw Roland. 11:23 PM the time when my love shattered and fall to the grave from the surface. The time when Roland rang the bell. He was singing in a shaky voice, I could sense Roland was drunk but happy, he sang for me. The delight effect cornered me. Like a dancing swan, I budged towards the gate and opened the door.



The door started to open the face of my dashing husband with slightly red eyes appeared. He looked like a Greek god with the mustache and slightly grown beard. ‘Oh God, I love this man so much.” The door fully opened now. His hand clinched with someone’s hand. I saw someone. The girl, I tried to remind a girl. The face looked familiar. I met her she is the one of Roland admirer. She used to tell me Roland spent time with her.

She startled too by seeing me in the house of Roland. In a fraction of second, she changed her amazed avatar…She passed the most contagious smile. Gave the message from her smile, “Look I told you he was with me numerous times but you didn’t believe me.”


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