Because I Love Him Episode 6 Rebecca

Because I Love Him Episode 6 Rebecca

Roland said he wanted me but before that, he wanted to settle himself.  He said he got home in LA. The merrier contentment grabbed me when I heard my love came here to take me away, plus he sorted all out and we will be a happy couple together.

I told my mom that I had decided I am going to LA with Roland. I could sense the despair in her face, melancholy in all her actions. Like she was fighting for me. Trying everything to stop me. But all her scolding I took as jealousy and all her weeping and begging I take it as emotional blackmail.

I left her and goes to another city with Roland where I married him.

All the kids started to look me with daze.

I pass a deliberate smile and say. Yes, I married Roland when I was just 18 years old. In the age in which I thought he is the king of the world and I am the queen. Soon the reality hit me with the force I fell heavily and all the dreams of mine shattered into microscopic tiny pieces. Maybe it cannot be found with the microscope.

I just carried away with my thoughts I get back to reality and utters the words.


Anyway… In the marriage, I saw the strange persons. Strange in a sense they don’t look decent. Like they are goons. One big giant like man came late with the tattoo in his hand. Roland and I went outside especially to receive him. I didn’t know who he is… I just was following the orders of Roland.  With goatee beard, small eyes and stern face he looked frightening to me. Later I found out his name is Clyne.


After the marriage, we spent the happiest time of our life.  We strolled several countries and eaten in a famous restaurant and stayed in expensive hotels. When I asked Roland about the money he gave the reason He is the general manager of Clyne’s Company. His boss as a gift grants him a vacation for his brilliant work. When I inquired about the work he gave the answer His company is multinational providing goods worldwide.


To be very honest I didn’t ask much, we were happy it’s enough for me.


Our honeymoon period over after a month. We came back to a new home, well furnished and decorated which is a gift from Clyne. I started to act like a housewife and Roland gave time to his job. He came after days and we made love. I often protested why he came after days? He reasoned “Darling I got the dream job by luck I am just eighteen and make thousands from this opportunity I have to work hard so it can’t slip away. I am doing this for you.”


His words removed all my worries and concerns. But not for a long time. I got suspicious again when he started to invite the persons who not look decent at all. With tattoos in their hand and big hairs, some bald but with a ferocious face.  I showed concern again but this time with annoyance he said, “ Rebbie, they are good lads. What happened to you why you acting like a detective?” I watched him with disbelief. He changed his emotions. “Oh, I think you got bored here you might need some job to spend your time?” I nodded.


Roland settled Job for me. I was the receptionist of a five-star hotel.


After getting the job I wore an avatar of ignorance on Roland’s work. I hadn’t asked about his work or his colleagues. But something happened.


When I was preparing the breakfast for Roland in the kitchen attached to the sitting room. In the sitting room, we put the fancy trolley and bought a TV for it. I often watched songs or serials on the TV while I was cooking. I hate news, but on that day I kept pressing the button of the remote. One news channel came on screen and I saw a familiar face. I stopped with wide eyes because the reporter told me the Man who came to my house various times is a famous drug dealer, The city Police caught him and his group. After the news, some more people appeared with him. They all were strangers to me.


I ran towards the bedroom and shaken the Roland badly. In a disbelief state, he saw me.  I started to throw my arms to his chest to beat him. I shouted with a sob, “You said they are good persons, tell me who are they? Tell me what you are doing?” Roland bears some beating after that he controlled me putting his strong athlete arms around me. I resisted. “Hey, Rebbie settle down.” He ordered me. Once again I obeyed his order. “What happened?” he inquired. I told him everything.


“I don’t know about all this he is our client. We sell goods.” I looked at him from his face I could determine he hadn’t surprised at all. “Can I ask what goods are you selling?” First time I questioned” goods” which he mentioned several times. “Mostly wooden stuff, like beds, drawers, larders, wooden trolleys.” I settled down and hugged him.


He took off from office and we wandered on foot here and there all day. I remember this day very well. We ate from the restaurant which is not very big but the taste of the meal was so awesome. We headed to the park watching the kids play, one little girl sat on the swing but after seconds started to weep.


She got scared and Roland swiftly went towards her to rescue her from the swing. We were mesmerized by the little girl’s beauty. The little princess obligated us to talk about our kids. We argued about the future kid’s name, he wanted a girl I was also. But we quarreled about the names. Roland wanted his girl’s name, Rachel. His logic was… He wanted R words to name as I am Rebecca and he is Roland. “Our all family member names should start with R-word,” he said.

I opposed and suggested another name, the name of my mother. I missed her I tried to call her but she didn’t pick my phone. I tried with several numbers and from PCO but she didn’t receive the call.


“What was her name?” The Little but cute nuisance in this house interrupts me again between my story.

All the sadness occupies me and tears start to gather on the banks of my eyes. But to negate the effect of sadness I wear the spacious smile and uttered the name. The loud gasp comes from the mouth of most of the children and they look toward me and then Emmy.


The little Emmy came in this orphanage when she was just two days old. I fulfilled my wish and gave her the name “Emmy.” The name of my mother.

The reason for me to remember that day very well is because that was the last day I and Roland spent with happiness.


Next day early in the morning we heard the loud thud on the gate which forced us to awake. I went toward the room where the voice came watched armed police roaming our house like they invaded the terrorist house.  With the scared tone, I said: “What are you doing at my house?” They saw me… One of the Police Officer came towards me, “Where is your husband?”. I was still in disbelief ignored his question pointed towards the man who searched the house, “Why he is touching our stuff?”


“Madam I have a warrant for your house, I need to talk to your husband.”

“But he is not in the house.” I lied.

“We will see.” The Police officer who conversed with me starts to disturb the pattern of the well-putted clothes on the Larder.


After thirty seconds, the other Policeman confirmed, “No one in the house except her.”

“Okay take her.”


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