Because I Love Him Episode 5 ( Roland)

Because I Love Him Episode 5 ( Roland)

After a month it became all normal now. We changed our meeting place our new meeting place was the jungle where Roland and I used to hang out. We all agreed two times we got narrow escape we had to careful about the future. The freckled guy didn’t agree with us he wants us to be take off for a huge game. But we ignored him. Later we just teased students calling them names. We thought ourselves the Police of the School when someone doing wrong I report to Roland and they take care of the wrongdoers in the bathroom. Most of the time they beat them, sometimes they cut the hair of students. No one dare to report us because of fear we created in the mind of students. We were enjoying our goon avatar when everyone was scared from us.

My grades started to drop, my mother got worried. I covered with the blame on our teachers. Chelsea and Bree started to ignore me completely.  I hadn’t cared also because for me it’s important to stay with Roland and the group.

 After some days we were bored from little mischievousness we need something big now. Our next big had changed our lives.

My mom got summoned from the principal we thought we got all under control but some voices raised against us. They complain to Principal. Principal Edward also gave the reason why my grades getting dropped and give a brief detail of my new companions.

When she came home my Mom was devastated she cried and yelled at me most of the words I didn’t remember but I remembered the one sentence, “ Rebbie, Please don’t disappoint me.” With sobs, she yelled several times while she scorned me.

The tears come on my eyes. My mother left the world, left me, the disappointed daughter. I want to change all this but  I couldn’t.

 All the children get sad when they saw the tears on my eyes.

I go further with my life story.

I was young energetic and without a brain. I took the scorn of mom as an insult. The insult Principal brought on me. With the tears, I went to Roland’s house and saw Roland’s father who was rude to me because I came at the time Roland not allowed to go out from the home… He forbid me to meet Roland.

Roland was right his Father was very condescending Character. I didn’t like him he sometimes has beaten Roland.

I knew when Roland’s father asleep, he would come to meet me. Roland appeared after an hour at our meeting place. I told him all the happening and conversation with my mom. I insisted this time our target will be Mr. Edward The Principal. He agreed with the concerned face. But I gave him reason every one scared from us students and after the incident of Mr. Roy teachers were also keeping the distance from us. There was only one person who pinched us from time to time we have to keep him check. Roland got agreed with me but maybe he realized we were en-route to our life-changing incident. Because I can see the seriousness in his face. But I was happy I want my revenge with Principal who put the tears on my mother’s eyes.

 This time I made the plan, The more I see him suffer the more satisfied I will be. So I decided to intrude in his home and destroy all his belongings. Will got excited by this idea. I wanted to set a fire on his house but Roland disagreed. He reasoned this could be dangerous for the lives of us and neighbors.

We were not killers after all.  We agreed… The second option, we will attack his house while Mr. Edward was in school. We knew his wife was doing a job so she will not be in the house so did their Children because of School.

As planned Mr. Edward entered the School. We all made sure he noticed us at the school.  He entered the office. One by one we exited from the secret spot. We jumped the wall behind the Parking lot, which was 10 feet tall.

One day ago tall freckled guy spotted the loophole to enter the house of Mr. Edwards. When we reached he gave the direction behind the house there was a lower wooden window for the cellar.  We broke the window and entered the house. 

“ Whoa the house is prettier than outside” Will exclaimed.

“Not anymore.” I swung the baseball bat at the exquisite glass trolley, the boom of glass shattering echoed but I didn’t care… the next I attacked the TV on the wall. After some minutes we finished destroy all the glass and electronics items. But still, there was plenty of things which was intact like beds, wooden stair, drawers.

“Look I told you only this bat ball bat is not enough we need to destroy everything of this house.” I with anger shouted.

Roland shake his head. The tall freckled guy spotted petrol for the generators. He showed us the can of petrol. Will with a devilish smile said, “ I think it’s time to move on to Plan A.”  I wanted to grab the can but Roland forbid me. “ Rebbie you will soak yourself. We need an expert, I will do this.” He grabbed the can, cautiously spread the petrol while we were on the edge of the window in which we entered. The tall freckled guys gave light to liquid and we ran. I saw back I can see the fire from the broken window.

 One by one we entered the college again. Everything was normal/ We were relieved no one noticed us. According to the plan, we will act normal and keep the distance from each other.

Nothing happened the class of that day got over.  Nothing happened until I reached the house. Nothing happened at the lunch.

During the day nap, my mom shook me. “Rebbie police is here to arrest you. They say they have warrants. Rebbie darling what did you do this time?” The element of sadness and concern made my Mom more worried. I got up  with the relax avatar“ Nothing Mom I will be okay.” I bind my hairs and budge toward the drawing room. While my mom watching me with amazement may be on this very occasion she realized the old shy, worried Rebecca died.

I saw one lady and a male police officer was waiting for me in the lounge. They took me to the police station. When I entered at the Police station I saw the fat guy with his parents. He was sobbing like a child. When he saw me he pointed at me, “ She is the one who made the plan I am innocent.”  The bald but handsome police officer saw towards me. He pointed his fellows to take me to the investigation room.

I admitted all the allegations. True ones and false ones but I tried to save Roland. I admitted Will and his fellows with me but I didn’t mention his name Because I love him.

Later I found out Roland got caught initially. When we were out for Mr. Edward’s house. Mr. Edward seeks Roland to cautious him to stay away from Will. He didn’t find him by then.  He got suspicious he tried to find Will and his gang and then me.  He realized straight away we were not in the school.

 After when we entered the school Mr. Edward again summoned Roland. Roland met him and from his shoes, the smell of Petrol made him more suspicious. Mr. Edward got a call from the neighbor after the meeting with Roland. He called Police and gave them the reason why we are behind this? 

We appeared in the juvenile court. In the court, Roland Will and I got the youth offender jail for 1 year and freckled guy, fatty and ugly smile got six-month punishments.  There is no need to mention we were suspended from the school. 

We were sent to the different centers. Later I heard Fatty, ugly smile sent to the rehabilitate programs. I never met with them after the court.

 My mom tried to get me out from jail. She was devastated. Her devastation made me more rebellious, I hate her avatar, her weeping for me. She got changed… always complaining why I do this? constantly mourning for my behavior when she met me.

One year spent in no time I got out from the jail. My mom told me we were moving to another city for my bright future. I told her about Roland. I told her everything. I refused to go to another city but she was adamant. I searched for Roland but his father told me he didn’t come to the house and if he saw him he would kill him.

I scour Will and he met me the very last time. He told me Roland told him, he will go to another city with me.

“But he hadn’t contacted me” I showed the concern to him.

“ He will contact you, Don’t worry Rebecca, He will.” 

We had talked about our future plans and to be very honestly speaking there weren’t any. Will didn’t know how to live without being Mischievous, I hadn’t known what I will do in future. All the 18 years around us were on the track, planning for their future, some will get their desire results some will not succeed. But we were afloat in between. That previous one year had caused us bad for our careers.

After this year I got a very negative vibe, I stopped to talk with my mother. Actually, I avoided her because she was like I am two years old and I will get lost if I go outside alone. She tried to jail me in the home but she couldn’t make me the prisoner.

Now I wish Alas she made me the prisoner, My life would be better.

“If she made you prisoner you will not meet us.” Surprisingly this time Eric interrupted.

 But not surprisingly instead of me Emmy protested, “Did she not tell us to shut up Eric? Do not interrupt.” She said with pressing tone.

 “Look who’s telling this. Who interrupted several times” The enemy of Emmy, Tommy jumped into the discussion.

“I am just asking the context which I didn’t understand. You are always a crying puppy Tommy.” Emmy hits back.

“Aaah everyone knows who is crying, even you cried when you uttered this sentence you weepy duck.”

I sense the fight about to happen so I start again with the sentence.

After sixty-five days of our independence from Jail, Roland came to see me.

All the kids divert the attention towards me.


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