Because I Love Him Episode 4

Because I Love Him Episode 4

When they told me their prey was Mr. Roy I resisted I told them not to do this insanity. But Roland made me do this. His impact always caught me and made me do which I never wanted. As a good child I obeyed him, When Mr. Roland came out of the class I chased him, We all know this was his last class after that he will go to his assigned room pack his bag and will go for a Parking lot.

I saw MR Hudson joined MR Roy when he en-routed towards the Parking lot. I had to make the move this was important for our plan that MR Roy enters the Parking lot alone.

I called  MR Hudson, “Sir I want to talk to you for a minute. It’s Urgent!”  They both saw towards me. “Oh, She is the girl I am talking about she is the nuisance.” Mr. Roy uttered the nuisance word while hissing towards me. Mr. Hudson saw him with anger because he was a good teacher, “Yes Rebecca what you need?”

“Ok, I am going Hudson see you soon.” When Mr. Roy saw I was able to stop Mr. Hudson he gave me a message he will not waste any time on me. 

“See you soon” Mr. Hudson replied and put the all attention on me. By the time I realized I didn’t think the reason which could hold him out for a while. After a brief pause, I said, “I want to tell you but I don’t know it is right or wrong.” I need some time to think plus he was not our teacher he taught us one year before… So I could not talk to him about a subject he delivered the lecture, which was not in our Syllabus this year.

“ No you can discuss anything Rebecca, I am here to help you after all you are one of the brightest student of mine.” He uttered the words in hustle not gave me time to speculate the reason in my mind.

He was handsome and most girls crush. The evil logic pops up in my mind. After the acting of nervousness, I initiated again, “Sir Please listen to me first.” He replied “Ok”.

“When you teach us we all girls liked your way of deliverance of the subject. We always wondered how knowledgeable you are. Some of us have a crush on you.”

Mr. Hudson closed the attitude and watching towards me.

 “Uhhmmmm” he confused me. But I continued  “You are not our teacher any more all the girls moved on but I couldn’t… I only think about you.  Your smile your all little gestures still in my mind like a fresh rose. This rose doesn’t wither yet . I was very confused and being in a state of denial. Now I start to admit after seven months, you are not my passing crush. I know it does not matter to you but I begin to realize I am in love with you.”

I was thinking what is more wonder lying inside me? The new Rebecca came and old Rebecca had been poisoned now dying slowly… I had proposed my teacher to save my friends. The smile came on my face.

 The event turned it’s time for Mr. Hudson to jeopardize. “ Look, Rebecca, I know your age… I had a crush on my teacher too. In fact, now I know I had put her on the very awkward position in which I am now, But My dear student you will one day laugh at it. I know. The symptoms you told me is  not a love believe me you would be fine.”

I heard the faint voice of Mr. Roy was coming from the parking lot. Mr. Hudson intended to look back. I came close to him grab his hand, Kneel down and started to beg. “ Please Hudson I know you don’t love me but at least respect my love. I know you are happy with your wife, I didn’t want anything from you I just wanted to let you know that….”   Mr. Hudson’s nervous avatar popped up. He shook his head. But My mission had completed. I was successful to divert the attention of Mr. Hudson, plus I heard the typical voice of Will’s Honda City and the yelling of MR, Roy had stopped.

 But I didn’t know I had invited one more mess, Mr. Hudson was in no mood to leave me without cleaning the love for him, from my soul.  He spent almost two hours to dissuade me.  When I acted like I was agreed with him he got suspicious that the evil of love toward him not gone completely he starts to vandalize me again with his boring stories. He told me about the theories like when you fed something in your subconscious mind it became believe. But your belief is wrong blah blah.

“So do you understand what I am trying to say, this is not love this is just fake pretention.” After his life tale which is boring as hell, he consummated the talk with the sentence.

  I was tired from his theories and pissed off because  I can come with the better plan. We were standing near the parking lot for almost two hours. I gave the response, “ Mr. Hudson you are right I made fake Hudson in my mind, you told me your story I realized this person is not the person which is in my mind.”

 The gracious smile came to his face.

“ I am like Ewww” I made the face “This guy is with no teeth and balls, This guy is stupid enough who can’t stand for himself and have no decency at all he kept standing a girl for two hours with his shitty logic and stories. Yes, you are right I officially hate you know.”

Including Emmy, everyone chortles…. but I continue.

The Smile had disappeared. Grief, anger or amazement I couldn’t guess the emotion in Mr. Hudson face. I gave him a look, like, I watched a disgusting creature and started to move towards the place where I could find Roland and Will and yeah Mr. Roy also.

When I asked where is MR Roy because I hadn’t seen him with Roland and Will. We had a plan we will be covered our face so I put a mask on and reached the backyard of the desolated castle near the Jungle.

Roland and Will gave me a meaningful smile, later Will told me they tied MR. Roy and throw him on the loaded truck. This will take a route of almost 17 hours. He will be in another city. “Good riddance.” The word came from Roland’s mouth. Will told me he buried all Mr. Roy belongings but gave a piece of bad news also. While they were trying to tie him Mr. Roy yelled: “I know it’s you Will and I know Rebecca is behind all this.” This gave me shiver in my spine. “ So what you told him?” I was quite anxious.

Will replied, “In a fake voice I say who is Rebecca and Will you ….” (Thought: I cannot complete the whole sentence which carries abuse because of our little devil, Emmy. I know she is foul-mouthed already I cannot teach her abuses.)

We made it official everyone knew Rebecca is in Will’s gang and she is dating with Roland. Chelsea and Bree the important part of my life started to fade not entirely because I need them. They complain always you don’t spend time with us.  The truth was I got the respect and honor they all were jealous of me. Plus I need Chelsea and Bree because I used to hang out with my new friend but I said to my Mom I am with Chelsea and Bree. She never stopped me to hang out with both.

Mr. Roy came after 4 days. Police came in my house to investigate. I told them I didn’t know about his “abduction”, (the word used by Police) My Mom’s old habit she protected me by saying “No one liked Mr. Roy… for God sake you found a fifteen-year-old girl to blame on.” Police get out from the house after the investigation their question was like where are you at the time they gave in. The time Mr. Roy kidnapped. I told them I was with Mr. Hudson for a lecture.

Roland came to my house late on the following night to warn me do not contact or meet Will and his three fellows. Police suspected them. But to my relief, I can meet Roland.

“So this time you didn’t transfer your germ in his mouth?” The wave of laughter rise from the orphanage room. Our Little devil Emmy with a cute smile looks toward me.  I hold my smile to hard gaze at her.

“Move on, you give us good moral lessons now I can kidnap anyone and you cannot forbid me because you are also a kidnapper.”

I just said “  My little Emmy story not ended yet, Please listen out..”

“Yes continue the story please.” this time the big brother of the house, Eric, insisted. Plus he gazes towards Emmy indicating her not to interrupt. As usual, the little Emmy obeys her big brother.

I don’t know how Will got out from this but everyone got suspicious from this incident. I realized my Mom started to keep an eye on me. She visited school two or three times in two weeks luckily I was with Bree or studying in the library. I hadn’t met Roland and Will on the following month as per Roland instruction.

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