Because I Love Him Episode 3

Because I Love Him Episode 3

“So what about the revenge?” he inquired, we were talking about the autumn and all of a sudden he changed the topic so I was like ‘Huh’. I remembered the context so my response was: “No I was just upset I don’t want any revenge.” “Come on Rebbie, they upset you, my love, I will not let them go easily.” I shake head but he came close to me “Remember I told you about to be brave and have some fun, I like your bold you.”

He also gave me a cigarette. I put the cigarette on my lips to make him happy and he lit it and I tried to inhale the smoke but coughed heavily. Like someone grabbed my throat… tears came on my eyes. My mind was thinking that I had disappointed him again. He put me on his arm and patted me on my biceps.

Next day we took the revenge from the boy who spread the false rumor against us. Before that we met with Will Later I found out Will was only the rookie Roland is the mastermind of the group. Will came to notice because he performed his master’s plan.

 According to Roland’s plan I was the main character, I was nervous because I didn’t do anything like this. I knew if I failed I will be in trouble and if I succeeded I will not let myself far from the trouble either.

Walton, the guy who spread the rumor against me that I am a “bad person”, (Avoids the word slut because of Emmy) was my first prey.

 When I entered the School I did something unusual. I waved at Walton. Walton stunned too looking behind with bewilderment thought he mistook I waved at someone else. With the loud beam, I motioned my hand indicating him to come towards me. After a brief thought with a sly smile he appeared close, “Hey Rebecca”

“Can you come with me I need help my car is broke.”

And guess what he agreed to help me with a nod. I got surprised, though I might need some effort. Yes, Will, was right “Boys are strong but girls are smart if girls use their smartness wisely there will be no chance for boys.” Will also got happy because I was in his gang, the girl which he thought will boost their progress. I didn’t know the meaning of progress he refers by then.

My work had done when he reached the parking lot behind the van. Will and his three companions with the veil on, covered the face of Walton and grabbed him. I went back hurriedly with the pounding heart. At the beginning I was worried but after the moment I felt an excitement in me. It was fun. I was curious about what will happen to Walton because they didn’t tell me.

Later after an hour, whole School saw Walton in Bikini and Bra. Walton tried to run outside the college with the weepy face. Some mocked at him some stopped him to interrogate, some felt pity for him but Walton had n’t cared,  was busy to let himself out from the gaze of students. Due to shame and fear, he couldn’t think straight just running here and there. I was relieved because the shame he brought on me he had covered in the same shame… trying to protect his so-called honor. He ran toward the exit gate and disappeared.

After the parking lot, Will dragged him to the administrative block which connected with the campus. In the campus class, Will by force obligated Walton to wear the clothes and left him. Walton wanted to run out of the school without being getting noticed but obviously, he failed miserably because the timing was not right. It’s break time and every student was on the ground or on outside premises.

Next day I got a call from the principal. (As expected) .  Roland met me after the incident he told me “you will deny all the allegations”. I did as Roland told me, I told Principal I never met Walton at all. When Principal ask… where I was when the incident happened? I told him on the ground, studying. But Walton with the anger crying “ She is lying” on my every sentence. I told Principle the behavior of Walton, how he spread rumors against girls and he hates me that’s why he called me a bad person.

I gave principle the latest rumor after the incident, “ Sir his friend told me he wanted to be a girl, he expressed he liked guys everyone thought he must be a homo…  he envies every girl.”

“I see” was the response from the principal. 

Walton insisted for my punishment, Principal just cautioned me because of my past behavior and lack of evidence. Plus no one knew by then I was in a Gang. No one got caught because Walton’s face was covered so he hadn’t watched anyone. The principal also suggested we will keep the distance from one another and I gave the impression that I was relieved by the decision of Walton keeping the distance from me.

After the incident Walton never criticized anyone.

My first venture with the gang was fun. I had loved it very much so I was excited for the second one. Not worried at all in spite the mission was very dangerous.

“What is the mission?” oh the little and dear Emmy again this time she seems curious. I sense every child taking the interest now.

“Do I not tell shut up between the story? Am I not clear the first time?” With the condescending tone, I throw the question at her.

Shamelessly Emmy shakes her head. Her spontaneous reaction makes everyone to laugh.  

 “We made a plan to abduct our math’s teacher.”

Now I can see the wide eyes of every child in this room. Emmy gives the attention too who was pretending by her face my story causing weariness in her.

Roland one day inquired which is your favorite subject without any hesitation I said Literature, but when he asked the subject which I hate the most I said Mathematics. I told him because of the behavior of teacher MR Roy I couldn’t get my good marks, his way of presentation was so monotonous and his scolding and disrespecting attitude had caused the negative vibe on the students.

Roland eyes sparked he asked, “Doesn’t he the one who asked you to go out of the class several times?” I nodded. Yes, Mr. Roy thought me an enemy of his. Because I questioned a lot and all the students put the fate of Math’s on Mr. Roy’s hand. I refused to do that. The reason he threw me out from the class several times.

Roland summoned Will and they talked about something in private while I was with Will’s friends whose names I don’t remember I remembered their appearance. Freckled tall guy considered as the assistant of Will, They both were serious for their work. Believed they were running the organization. Other two, the short bulky and hidden tooth guys were immature they considered as unprofessional. The hidden tooth guy passed the smile on me which annoyed me, I said with the snobby tone, “ If you again smile in front of me I will tell Rollie, you better know after that you will be our next victim.”  I still remember his face he was damn worried, his fear made me afraid too.

I was relieved in the second mission I had to do a little role. I had to just track the prey and give the information while he was on the Parking lot. By then, I knew why Roland met me there because the Parking lot was the ‘venue of crime’ of the gang.

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