Because I Love Him Episode 2

Because I Love Him Episode 2

Later I saw him at café with Will’s gang. Will is a notorious person in our school and his gang containing three persons more, one boy with a freckle and lean tall body. The second boy is a short and bulky and third boy with one tooth hidden and most ugly smile.

“Look one more person joined this gang,” Mila whispered in my ear.

“I think he is not in the gang he seems nice.”
“Yes, he is handsome though.”

By hearing the words the wave of jealousy came in the form of fire, which burnt my whole body. With all efforts, I couldn’t stop me to pass angry stare at Mila. “What Rebby?” I just shake my head. “Nothing I just heard you say he is a goon. Now you changed your stance in seconds. C’mon Mila you are weak you don’t have any opinion you just go with the flow.” Mila with extended eyes trying to process my words. “But I just agree….” I interrupted her, “yeah whatever.”

I don’t know what happened to me the fire inside still burning me. I won’t bear anyone in his life except me. I walked towards him with hurried steps and when I am close to him he saw me after a fraction of seconds I touched the lips of mine with him. Initially, he tried to push away himself but my resistance is strong enough I grabbed his back with my arms. After a brief smooch, we parted.
I saw towards the crowd. The element of dazzle still intact in the Café. Some are shocked, some carry a meaningful smile, some saw me like I did a terrible mistake. Roland was looking at me and the crowd like he was guilty of this act. His face dispirited me.

I came close to him again, he thought I will kiss him but I directed my lips toward his ear and whispered “Hey Rollie” first time I call him Rollie, “I love you too I want you too and I will do anything to get you.” I separate from him with the spacious smile and saw he grinned too.

Will was cheering for us; some negative whispers also budge into my ears.

I never saw anyone and go out of the café. I didn’t care what people think of me? I didn’t care what is right or wrong I just know I was in love with him and will spend the rest of my life with him. This is my Mission when I was just fifteen.

I stop to take a break. But in this orphanage center, the little ones are very steady cannot wait so I tell them my life story without any pause. The little eight years old Emmy with extreme discomfort almost yells, “And then Rebbie?” The beam comes on my face, she hates interruption in stories and she is always restless kind.
In this Orphanage, fourteen kids live with the staff of five. Manager of the house came here for an hour or two to check the matters, so do supervisor. Otherwise, me, Will and Ida live with the children. I spent almost twenty years here. There was a time when this Orphanage carried 48 children. Some got big enough to live on their own. Some found their parents and very few found their adopters. We called this orphanage Springton house because some Springton built this house hundred years ago.

I have seen the layer of happiness when someone came to rescue the child from this place. I have also seen the element of desperation in the eyes of children when they saw someone taken the companion from them. When the child left from this Orphanage the days were happy as we arrange little party but the night was mournful like the cries of complaint etched on the wall of Orphanage, “Why him or her Why not me?”

Fifteen years old Eric, the oldest child in the house insists too. He is like the elder brother of all children here. But his favorite is Emmy; he cannot bear any discomfort on her and bear all her finickiness. Ida often complains because of Eric, Emmy is stubborn and unmannerly. But this is not the complete truth we all love Emmy too much, except Ida, Tommy, and Jessie. Emmy fought with them a lot so Tommy and Jessie made a new group against Emmy. They are afraid of Eric. They couldn’t get more followers but they found the support of Ida. This often negates the power of Eric. Makes both groups even because Ida is the stringent person in this house. I am 4 years senior to her so she respects me. I never put myself in the gang, so I let both groups balanced.

Will handle outdoor works, like moaning the loan, bring the needy things here in this house. Otherwise, he lived in his room he is soccer fan he knew all the stats of all player or just brag about his knowledge I don’t know! I hate sports and now sportspersons.

“Okay, Okay,” is my response and I start my story again.
Initially, it’s seemed right. I kissed the boy in front of everyone, I was very happy and excited the first time I got out of the zone I created. I was in the seventh sky.

The students started to talk about me. They look me with a strange gaze. The handsome guys who never looked me at all started to notice me. Flirt with me. And then the most lethal weapon which can sabotage the person in no time… “Rumors”. Some said I slept with him some goes even further portrayed me as a bad person.

Because of Emmy, I avoid the word slut.

From the seventh sky I was on the land again but this time they obligated me to bite the dust. My happiness and excitement vanished I started to hide from the crowd. To my more despair I hadn’t seen Roland for two weeks. Probably he was hiding from me.

I commenced I did a terrible mistake which can cause a problem for me and Roland too. But Roland came in my life again. “Hey Rebbie, I want you to be strong. I am not hiding from you I love you too. I love your bold Rebbie who did a thing which even I didn’t have the courage to do!” When I saw him at the passage of school I ran hysterically towards him. He covered his lips but I stopped in front of him to inquire about my concerns. I was relieved he had no problem with my kiss.

When I told him about the rumors his response was “This will not concern you as I am with you and you are gutsy enough to tackle them.”

“Hell yeah, I am.” With the loud voice was my response.
“Don’t worry we will take revenge who hurt my love.” He kissed me on my lips briefly.

“Eww, you want to tell us you are sick because of this and don’t kiss anyone? Because he put his germs of mouth in your mouth.” This time Emmy interrupts me with the cute gross face and confusion. This is not the first time Emmy reaches this absurd conclusion. I used to tell them the story which has moral lessons. But our little Emmy came with other ideas. For her, the thirsty crow is most stupid crow because instead of finding water from someplace else, the crow put pebbles on the jar wasting the time and effort.

Emmy didn’t like love stories because according to her: “They all are touching each other which is gross.” When I told them about my first kiss I was worried that Emmy would pass some comments but to my surprise, she remained silent but second time she didn’t let me go.

“No. Emmy how many times I have to tell you first listen out the whole story and then conclude,” I say with the condescending tone, because I know if I haven’t she will argue with me.

My trick worked, she closes her arms while sitting with the straight face, indicating me: You can continue your boring story.

After this incident, we used to hang out.

I visited his house while his father not in the house. He told me his father is a very strict person. His house was a mess, TV put on the Sofa, while the trolley covered with clothes like father and son used this trolley as dustbin of clothes. (Just throw at it). The house with lots of dust and garbage… I am not used to this type of house, when he offered me to sit I saw the chocolate and snack rappers fleering at me from the sitting chair. Roland saw my hesitation so he offered me outside I was thankful to him.
We go to the forest. We were sitting on the tree which falls on the ground he told me his mother left him when he was five years old for some guy who worked in her office. “She left me and My Father left me also.” His quote made me frown. Further, he explained after the mother his father went to deep grieve which is still intact. He didn’t care about him or the house. He put out the packet from his pocket which was lying on the ground of the house. He turned the packet, on his palm two cigarettes came out from the pocket and a lighter. Lit a cigarette like a professional I was dazzled by seeing his confidence. The second cigarette he offered to me which I refused with a slight shake of a head.

I was thinking about the reason my mom told me to avoid him. I cannot avoid him because I love him. So I overlooked his negative side.

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