My Jogging Track (Motivational Non Fiction)

Motivation is the element which lies between the Plan and execution; you need the perpetual act to make your desire truth. Motivation is like the fuel in between the path of your desire and continuous action. In this world, people existed with different paths having different motivations. Some motivated by their Idles, the bunch of people with motivational quotes, many found their source of being driven in the form of motivational videos, from the Persons who mastered what you desire. Poorness, dullness, crisis obligatory some to act, some found in the lust, greed, there are millions of motivational ways. However, the problem is maybe you did not encounter anything which offers motivate you, perhaps your friend stimulates with videos, but you did not. You are having difficulty to find your motivation. Sometimes you found, but temporarily.

 How you can stretch it out is the hidden myth we all who did not get their motivation permanently wanted to know. You can find anything around you which is consistent till the success.

I hated me for telling you I am fat, so I decided to Jog. I envy me also to describe me as lazy, so after three months of immense struggle for watching youtube videos, I finally decided to come out from my comfort zone. I am proud to describe when I was young I completed this triangle jogging track for several times. Okay Okay, I am honest just two occasions when I was young, while I was 18 when I did not smoke or damaged my body by eating much junk.

 I am 28 now, not spend the ten years of my previous life in any physical exercise deliberately. It was difficult for me. “but you have to come to the point where you act” one of the Youtube motivational video’s  line came to my mind. I started to execute, after 500 meters, fatigue and short of breath overcame me, on the first day I set my target that I will at least conquer the one side which is 1.5 km roughly, the side in which I am jogging is the longest side of the triangle.  Second and third sides hardly 1 km long of this track, like the right triangle, the total distance of this track is 3.43 km.


I was disappointed with  me, but I came next day not reached till the shore of the first side, and next day the result was same.  After one week I achieved my goal, I am happy, you will not think this as an achievement, but yes it was.

“I conquered the one side of a triangle, I know haters will burn, and one day everyone remembers me for this achievement, I am a great executor of this world, only in one week.”

 When you succeeded in something, this kind of words came to your mind which can sabotage your desire, so they did mine. Next day I came again like a conqueror and jogged till the end next day afresh and repeated this process for a whole month.

Confidence is the excellent thing, but overconfidence tends you to nothing, like my condition. Yes, I was running, but I was trapped in my shell which I thought is above all. Sometimes I loathed my honesty because I am about to tell you on this track no young person or athlete came, women came here to just walk with old mans, you can say this is the track of the ancient creatures. I am Conquistador of this track.

After one month and eight days something happened, shattered all my pride, When I was about to start jog, I saw behind me eight years old child. He began to jog with me; he left me behind in seconds, take my excuse I did everything to beat him, pace up, got the heavy breath, in the first time of my life I hear the resist of my lungs alongside heart,  last resort pray for him to stop.

 But in fact my one month eight days reign was about to an end, the child is fierce he didn’t stay after beating me, he crossed the second side and exhausted in between the Second and Third. I was dejected; I got humiliation from 8 years old this was very tough to digest, I got three days off, started to find more motivational videos, my all motivation was vented out from me, Youtube videos didn’t help me. I did not see this form of motivation, motivational anymore. I discussed this with my friend, but sometimes friend didn’t give you the right suggestion, they just mock at you, not sometime yeah most of the time like every time I am not sure. I was then with my friend humiliations and eight-year-old child embarrassment; this time motivation came in disgrace. After three days, I went for the jog. But I couldn’t find this little boy, still not on the track, but he lives in my society, I saw him on the street more often with his mother and father. when he saw me, smiled, I hated his smile, which humiliated me, the more.

 I decided to stretch my jog till second, I never thought about this before, not on the day when the child has beaten me. I strangled on my limit, which was not enough. I started to jog before the second side, fatigue caught me, always still, but I continued my run. After sometime fatigue was gone, all I had the urge to get to the second end when I reached the shore of the second side, I crook to my body which is yelling at me to stop, but I decided I will not listen to my body. I knew it is capable enough, making excuses because it indulges in Laziness.

I am on the third side, still jogging all my body shouted at me to stop are you insane, look how far you came, please mercy on me, but I am cruel king on this day. My cruelty, patience, persistence tend me to the unbelievable achievement from my point of view, I never thought about it in my dreams, I crossed the three sides without any break. Sometimes I wanted to beat me because of my honesty; I didn’t know why I am so honest, but yeah I am slow on a 3rd side but still jogging. 

I came next day and repeat the same 2nd day more accessible than first one, then the 3rd day, then 4th and so on until today. When I am on this track and starting, not stop before finish this route, no matter what, yes I am right because one day one dog attack me and I got twisted ankle while trying to protect myself from the dog.But I am not stopped, please take poison for me, because honesty is coming again because the dog didn’t let me. I completed on this day with the pain, as you know I am honest I got three weeks off from jogging because of severe cramp.

 Yes, my Motivation is my jogging track which told me, how to bear the initial pain and after some time pain is bearable. I still get caught in pain while I am running and has the urge to stop on one side but I continue because I knew now this pain will be gone, I knew I am too superior from this endeavor. 2nd hiccup on my jogging track came when I am about to finish, fatigue came at me, but persistence on me suggest me “taste the wine of glory,” after completing this. I stretched my jogging track lessons to other works, sometimes I stopped in fatigue, but my jogging track came in my mind and said: “Don’t worry one day you will conquer this task as you conquer me.”

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